Hi, I’m Melanie!

An Industrial Engineer by day and a Sewing Enthusiast by night – daydreaming of travelling the world in between.

I live in and love Melbourne, having moved here many moons ago from Country Victoria to start University.

Making beautiful and well-made things to wear, enhancing my fabric stash at every given opportunity, planning for things to sew and lurking many, many other sewing blogs for inspiration and appreciation are a few of my favourite things.

You can contact me on poppykettle at gmail dot com (unless you’re trying to sell me something or ask me to promote something for you – not gunna happen! Also – if you ignore that request and decide to contact me anyway – you won’t be getting a polite reply.)

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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6 thoughts on “Who?

  1. Hi Melanie,

    I am hoping you don’t mind me emailing but I am a bit behind the times regarding Twitter etc.

    If you need a claim to fame, I think it is that you have inspired me and many others to give Marfy patterns a go. I recently purchased 3 more patterns (3182, 3183 and 3167) and would like your advice please. I have been reading your blog post re: F2940 and I would like to know if you think basting the pattern onto the fabric is the best way to begin the whole process of making a Marfy garment?? A made a top like your gorgeous green silk one last year and I used Burda transfer paper and that was okay because the fabric was plain cotton. I also read ‘A Challenging Sew’ blog and I see Leisa also bastes due to her couture dressmaking skills. As I am writing this, I am really asking you the obvious; it is a brilliant idea even though it takes hours of extra work and it will be well worth it!!! Please can you confirm. I have only been sewing for 45 years so I really should be able to figure this out!!

    I hope you are well and sewing when you get half a chance.


  2. Melanie, I love love love your blog! i just found your blog after you commented on mine and I’m soo happy! That whole couture sewing school business is too fascinating! Will you do it again?

    • Oh, you’re too kind! But I’m so glad you enjoy it – I’ve certainly been enjoying yours (and turning positively green at your knitting prowess). I would LOVE to do the couture sewing school again… one day. Probably not any day soon, though. But it’s an experience that will be with me for a lifetime!
      In the meantime, I’ll see you around the blogosphere ;)

  3. So do you work primarily from patterns or not? I love your blog, especially the kick-up skirt. I’m just beginning to learn the art of sewing, a lot because of your finished works. I am not sure where to start though. Do I start with patterns? Any advice is greatly welcomed. Thanks– Bess

    • Hi Bess, yes – I do work primarily from patterns. I started out learning sewing by signing up to classes with an experienced teacher – the best way to learn as far as I’m concerned!

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