Boldly going where we’ve gone before



It’s déjà vu in blue, dear readers.

I’ve been loving my Tigerlily Mk II shorts so much, that it made sense to try and squeeze another out of the leftover fabric… I made these inbetween starting and finishing my Blue Belladone robe, so you may recognise that dastardly rogue silk chiffon trim?


Keeping in line with my stash and scrap busting, I managed to squeeze some more pocket bags out of my leftover white cotton voile – awesome.

I did do a few things differently this time though… I whacked some white grosgrain ribbon into the waistband to provide a bit more stability, I sewed the button holes BEFORE sewing the waistband onto the shorts (great because the lack of bulk made for beautiful buttonholes), and I eliminated the ties at the leg for a band for a more streamlined look.  I also changed the orientation of the waistband a bit… but that wasn’t actually planned, I just wasn’t thinking when I started sewing. That’s always a bad sign. I think I prefer the waistband on the original pair.

IMG_5085 IMG_5092


You can read all about my first pair of Tigerlily shorts here. It’s a text light post today so I can maximise my time in the sewing room… so many ideas, so little time. So – if you’ll excuse me!

The Stats:
00:00  Pattern Preparation
00:00  Toile (cutting/sewing/fitting)
01:40  Fabric Preparation (cutting/interfacing etc)
05:35  Sewing
07:15  hours

Fabric Utilisation = 1.2m 
Stash total now = 95.0m (Goal = 50m)


The Marfy SS 2013/2014 Collection

In mid-January I recieved a tantalising email letting me know the 2013/2014 Marfy catalogue was soon to be released! This got me excited, so I hopped on over to and was pleasantly surprised to see they’ve overhauled their website – it’s far more user friendly than before, has heaps more information and my voyeuristic side is getting a kick out of seeing what their most popular patterns are.

But they don’t release the new patterns online until late February (and apparently ‘late Febuary’ translates to ‘early March’ in Italian. Off having an afternoon nap, were we?), and I’ve been waiting patiently for my 6 monthly Marfy pattern fix. Meaning I’ve been checking it everyday since about two weeks ago. And I’m still waiting, but I’m wondering if Marfy have signed their soul over to BMV – the patterns appeared there before they did on the Italian website!

I’m not really one to buy the catalogue for myself – but there are several fabric shops around Melbourne I know of that purchase it, and they’ve always been very welcoming for me to sit down and peruse through it:

Stitches to Style                              Tessuti
1056 High Street, Armadale             141 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

If there’s any patterns I’d like to get my mits on that aren’t offered online, I just order them directly from Marfy by emailing them.

Actually, this season I’m left wondering if Marfy haven’t specifically tried becoming more…. commercial? I can’t quite put my finger on my disappointment – whether it’s because expectation was high, or because they’re drawing on different sources of inspiration. Lets have a look, shall we?

F3067 – Refined tube-dress with draped collar, drop-shoulder
sleeves and skirt featuring half belt and two darts

I saw F3067 and immediately thought – it’s like that Vogue 12-something-something that everyone is still making (and for damn good reasons), but more awesome. I want this dress, and I’ll probably order the pattern because I know I would actually wear it, too. You know, it’s not just for my fantasy Pinterest-inspired wardrobe. Damn you Pinterest.


F3158 – I look at this and I envisage myself sashaying into the boardroom to lay down the law, matching clutch in tow. Like a Boss.

F3093 – Sporty blouse with patch pockets and 
long roll-up sleeves with strap fastenings

F3093 – Because when I’m not kicking ass in an office-based meeting, I want be well turned out whilst 4WD-ing through mud in my steel-caps and hi-vis. I’m pretty sure the Italians didn’t actually intend this to be practical, but that’s not my fault. I’d probably get rid of the gathering at the front yoke though.

F3164 – Tracksuit with palazzo pants

F3164 – I think something got lost in translation with that description. My eyes say yes Yes YES! But my brain says NO. I’m drawn to jumpsuits like a moth to the blue UV lamp. I tell myself that in an alternate universe where I am long-of-limb I would totes be lounging about in this right now.

F3149 – Mini-dress with amphora cuts that hug the figure.
Suggested fabric: velvet and lace or satin and patterned fabric

F3149 – Can you say S-t-e-l-l-a M-c-C-a-r-t-n-e-y? Love those lines. And the little transparent sleeves :) But I love the bag the most… can I have a pattern for that, Marfy?

F3171 – Evening dress with draped V-necked
bodice and loose panel skirt

F3171 – Look, I can’t explain why my invite to Le Grand Bal keeps getting lost in the mail year after year after year after year, but when it does finally make it’s way to me, this is what I will be wearing.

F3165 – Straight-line dress with slit design on bodice, crew neckline
with colored beads, and skirt with rounded hem and elongated point.

F3165 – Maybe it’s the cutouts at the neckline. Maybe it’s the recommendation to sew it up in Velvet. But this is funky. Does anyone know where I can buy a jewelled collar like that?

Now I just have to wait until the catalogue arrives in store so I can see if the rest of the collection can get my instant purchase reflex to appear. Are there any in this season that would tempt you to try a Marfy?