V8333: The trouble begins…

The good news? I’m back in the land of Oz! Melbourne was even kind enough to throw on the coldest, wettest May day in the decade or so the day we got back. It may have been a little quiet on here in blogland, but it’s been nothing but a flurry of sewing-related activities here at chez poppykettle. Whilst away a whole stack of online fabric orders arrived at my work desk – so my first day back was eased into with plenty of swooning over new fabric!!! Talk about a great way to start the day :)

I also placed an order for NINE Marfy patterns – a few from their online selection and a few from their 2011/12 catalogue. I’m super excited! Hopefully they’ll arrive sooner rather than later, as I’m dying to get stuck into sewing some things for winter. More on this to come.

The troublesome news? On closer inspection the Crater Sleeve from Japanese Pattern Magic is proving to be quite a challenge.

To the extent that I may have to leave it by the wayside… that’ll teach me to shout from the hills before doing any research!

Basically no matter how much interfacing and padding I use, the fabric I had specifically in mind to make this jacket just doesn’t have the backbone to support the design – it just flops about looking rather sorry for itself. And as I’m not willing to change fabric, its the design that will have to give way. 

I’m sorely temped to get my hands on some burlap to see how this would work with a stiff fabric. Such a shame because I’ve been dying to know what this sleeve would actually look like on – as the photo in the book doesn’t really give you anything beyond a side on perspective. 

I have nothing but praise for the jacket pattern though, putting that notched collar together was a breeze thanks to the fabulous instructions. The jacket itself still needs a few more adjustments, and then I’ll be on my way.

Shall I unveil the fabric? :)

A periwinkle blue woven silk (which has been absolutely dastardly to match thread and buttons too, btw) from Emma One Sock, and a pale lemon silk satin for the lining, from Cleggs. 

And a sneak peak at what is very near to being completed…


Style Icons – and my next Tailoring Project.

Quentin Bryce via Adelaide Now

Do you have a style icon? Maybe like me, you have rather a few. But there’s one secret favourite of mine – and it’s Quentin Bryce, the Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Signing Julia Gillard’s commission as Prime Minister

She’s a class act – and always looks impeccable – whether she’s inspecting the troupes or shaking hands with dignitaries. I just love that she wears bright colours. I like to think that when I hit my mid-century I can look as glamorous and as well put together as she! 

Inspecting the Federation Guard, via guardian.co.uk

I LOVE that indigo coloured outfit! She has revealed that her favourite designer is Pia du Pradal, of Brisbane (naturally).

at Melbourne Law School, via theage.com

Not only does she have style, but substance too. She was the first woman on staff to lecture in Law at the University of Queensland, 40 years ago. She’s currently 70.

“She was given a terrible time by those men in the law faculty,” recalls Saunders, now director of the Brisbane Institute. “They were shocking — rude and sarcastic — but she never lowered herself to their level. She had a steely, pleasant demeanour and is not given to spiteful comments or losing her cool.” 
While never a “chain-yourself-to-the-bar or burn-your-bra” type, Fitzgerald says, she was “an ardent feminist”

Both comments were taken from Model of Style, an article in The Australian on 30 August 2008.

Quentin Bryce with the Duke of Edinburgh

If anyone ever offered me the opportunity to meet someone famous – she’s who I’d choose, hands down without even batting an eye-lid.

Quentin with Obama and Julia, via theage.com

So with Quentin’s classy style and colour palette in mind, I’m setting out on my most ambitious project-to-be yet. This little gem has been circling the hamster wheel in my head since the inception of The Octopus’ Jacket, and I’ve had the fabric specially for it for nearly as long. Until now I just didn’t have the confidence to (or the skills?) to pull it off. I think I’m ready to try this.

So! What happens when you mix a classic Claire Shaeffer tailored jacket pattern with the crater sleeve concept from Japanese Pattern Magic Vol. 1?


An EPIC jacket, is what. Or so I hope.

I’m practically swooning at the thought of all the lovely tailoring details that will be required for this beauty. I’ve got the shell fabric sorted, but as soon as I get home i’ll be sniffing out lining and notions :)