Couture Sewing School

Susan returns to Australia – hopefully we’ve seduced her enough to keep coming back on the regular! It’s always a tough choice to pick one thing to work on… this year I will a softly tailored jacket. Here’s to hoping she’ll come back again in 2019 so I can made a dress!

CSS – Marfy 9814 WIP

F9814: Peach Blush Jacket


Susan Khalje ccame to Australia, and I was fortunate enough to do my second Couture Sewing School Class with her. This time, I chose a pair of pants as the focus.

CSS – Day 1 & 2: Fitting and Fabric

CSS – Day 3, 4, 5 & 6: Basting, Fitting & Sewing

Super 130s Classic Pants


In October 2013 I did a 6 day couture sewing course with Susan Khalje. Quite different to the French Jacket class where we were all working on the same thing – this was BYO project to work on under her tutelage! I had to keep myself in check to not wander around the tables just watching what everyone else was doing and listening to the advice being given.

The hardest thing about joining this class was choosing what to sew! I was torn… what I love sewing most is tailored jackets and blazers, but felt as though having just finished the French Jacket Class, that I would want something different to sew. So I went the more predictable option and took a dress.

I haven’t yet finished that dress… it’s been temporarily put aside whilst I sew my wedding dress. Besides – it’s summer right now and I’m not overly enthused about sewing a wool crepe dress in the heat! Rest assured, i’ll finish it sometime in 2014 :)

Couture Sewing School – Day 1: Fabric Shopping and Fitting

Couture Sewing School – Day 2: Beginnings of a Dress

Couture Sewing School – Day 3: The Day of the Skirt

Couture Sewing School – Day 4: The Bodice and Bustier

Couture Sewing School – Day 5 & 6: The Little Details



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  1. I love your work. I have been sewing for many ears and actually ave a degree from the London College of Fashion and Design. I have a very simple question and woould apreciate your input. (Yes I am being lazy, I could draft my on pattern) I want a good fitting straight skirt that is slightly tappered, do yo have any suggestions? I have not used Marfy and I see you have. Do you like them?

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