My Wedding Dress

Possibly the most daunting, challenging, lesson-teaching and satisfying thing I’ve ever sewn was my Wedding Dress.

My skills sit in the technical realm, not the creative one – so I looked for gorgeous dress designs to be inspired by. Trying on gowns in shops was easily the best way to start – it’s very easy to get swept away in what you visually love, versus what actually looks good!

I started planning early, sourcing fabrics both at home and overseas, spending hours working on getting the patterns I was using just right, and sewing multiple toiles before cutting into my precious fabrics! I even deferred a post-grad subject in the trimester leading up to the day so I would have enough time for it all.

The dress was inspired by an Elie Saab dress from his 2012 Fall Couture Collection.

These are all the posts related to the process:

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My Wedding Dress

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  1. Dear Melanie,

    Your dress looks sooo amazing!!! You inspired me to make my own wedding dress as well. I have a question. I tried searching for the Marfy wedding dress catalog. It is 67 dollars with shipping. I was wondering will you be willing to sell your catalog? Thank you.


  2. A wedding is the most important thing a woman for life , so women are just the most important moment in the life of the most beautiful wedding dress to wear to the wedding

  3. Wow. What a gorgeous dress! Beautiful work. I am enjoying reading through your blog posts and looking at your sewing projects. I really like how you aim for high quality construction in your work. That’s my own aim as well; the creativity should be paired with high technical skill. Your work is inspiring.

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