Helen’s Closet Avery Leggings

There have been two things that have recently converted me to the dark side of sewing with knits (three, if you consider the necessity of pregnancy!) – french terry, and this Selia storm print knit:

Everything I love about a print – blues, pinks, abstract patterns… just gorgeous. I bought 2m of the stuff from Seamstress Fabrics, when the sports lycra version of this was in stock (no longer, sadly!!!). The sports lycra version of this fabric has – by my estimates – 70% stretch.

And it was always going to become a pair of activewear leggings – because I love me some coloured lycra! I chose the Avery Leggings by Helen’s Closet, mostly because it would allow uninterrupted viewing of this most amazing print, which is actually quite large scale:

The best photo representation of the fabulous colours!!!

The pink tank is also me-made – a rub-off from a favourite RTW top I’ve been working out in for literally 6 years now. It hasn’t had too much wear yet (I made this just before winter, and now I’m too round!), and is made from supplex fabric, also from Seamstress Fabrics. First time I’ve bought and worked with this fabric, after reading about it heaps via Fehr Trade. It’s incredibly soft AND stretchy, and deals well with sweat, so I can see why it’s a favourite for sewing activewear! Not sure I’d be brave enough to make activewear bottoms out of this fabric though – I definitely prefer my bottom weight fabrics to have… a lot more ‘hold’ in them, and this Selia sports knit does exactly that.

Everywhere I looked, the Avery Leggings got a big thumbs up as a pattern. May I just say – the inclusion of a crotch gusset is perfection. So much better fitting as a result! With my hip measurements sitting around the 100-103cm mark, I sewed up the size L, in View B (the higher waist band).

I lopped off a good 15cm from the length – I have short limbs – but left the waistband as it was because conversely I’m long in the body (and have a particularly ‘long waist’ – the distance from my hips to my waist). So I was very surprised that the high waist band was in fact too high – by an order of 3-4cm!

But I wore them lots through winter anyway, and the high waist band hasn’t been an issue even now that I’ve hit the third trimester – I’m still happily wearing these leggings! Granted, they’re more like compression tights now, which isn’t such a bad thing :P

I regretted not sticking with my preferred exercise type – strength training – last pregnancy (instead going with the frequently recommended and seemingly majority-favoured type of pregnant exercise – yoga… which personally I find boring and the opposite of motivating), so this time I’ve stuck to it with gusto. Mama’s still got it, too – here I am, 32 weeks pregnant, still able to squat 55kg – under the watchful eye of my PT, of course. I had to give up the Olympic Lifting I was doing at the end of the first trimester (obviously) but have been surprised at how much I can still do, even now. And I could swear that regularly doing it appears to alleviate the pelvic girdle pain I’ve been experiencing this time around , which creeps back in when I miss a session or two!

Avery Leggings for the win. I have enough fabric left over that I’ll likely make a second pair – further cropped in leg length, and with a slightly shorter waistband. I figure it will be a good, simple project for when I desperately need some sewing time but without the brain work!



    1. This look great, congratulations on the blooming tum too :) ‘bloglovin’ is off line so cannot comment on there. Sam the Aussie.

    2. Thanks Kathy – how fun is it? I’d happily say this tops my favourite print list, definitely. Knits are tricksy… I’ll stick with dependable woven’s unless I come across a fabric as enticing as this ;)

  1. I found staying active enormously helpful in my last pregnancy too. My thing was cycling (also find yoga a bit meh). Love the leggings and all the best with baby.

  2. Ok, I am really impressed with your power training. WOW WOW WOW. Now, the leggings. It’s the easiest and the most useful piece of clothing which scares off a lot of seamstresses (without any particular reason). And I can understand why you fell for this gorgeous fabric: I would too :)

    1. Thanks Inna – on both accounts! :) This is easily the quickest think I’ve ever sewn (and probably ever will sew!) – doubly satisfying because it’s got so much more wear than I could have expected!

    1. Coz the stretch factor makes them unpredictable, and challenging to test for fit and proportion, I find! I’m becoming more and more comfortable with knit sewing the more I do it, not surprisingly… practice certainly helps I guess!

  3. Ooh got this in my stash too! These look great. So great you’ve been able to keep up with your strength work. Xxx

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