My Wedding Dress

We were married under three 100 year old London Plane trees in Victoria’s high country in mid-April, just as the autumn leaves started to turn. I sewed my wedding dress (duh) and I don’t think I’ve been prouder of something I’ve achieved for myself – ever. It made the experience that much more special!!

I think photos convey what I want to share with you all better than words, so this is a selection that showcase the dress. More on the inspiration, fabrics, construction and lessons learned to follow…

Props to:
Leisa, my Fabric Fairy Godmother
Alessia and the crew @ Marfy – the best patterns out there – thank you!
Vikki Leigh Martin, for helping with proportion & fit
Susan Khalje, for enabling
And to Mr poppykettle, who took on the lions share of domestic duties and sat alone on the couch for many, many nights whilst I toiled away in the sewing room. He knows it was worth it ;)

You guys rock!



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Attempting to convince my darling photo-bombing god daughter to stay out of the picture for a moment.... it would appear my negotiation skills need some work!
Attempting to convince my darling photo-bombing god daughter to stay out of the picture for just a moment…. I think my negotiation skills need some work!




Mr poppykettle made our wedding cake - from a sour cherry and chocolate fruit cake recipe that Melissa Fehr pointed me in the direction of. The top layer was altered to be gluten free (so I could partake in the cake eating) and I ate that whole layer myself. It was really, really good.
Mr poppykettle made our wedding cake – from a sour cherry and chocolate fruit cake recipe that Melissa Fehr pointed me in the direction of. The top layer was altered to be gluten free (so I could partake in the cake eating) and I ate that whole layer myself. It was really, really good.
He made it at home then put it all together the day before our wedding :)
This was the day before when it was putting it all together! :)

Neither of us as so good at the whole 'dancing' thing.



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All photos (except the one of Trent icing the cake) were taken by Todd Hunter McGaw.



  1. Amazing photos! It does the dress justice – because man, that dress was incredible. I do love the photo of Kat, Sasky and me all staring at the dress. SPOT THE SEWING FRIENDS. You were lucky we didn’t crawl up the front during the actual service to look up your hem.

    So much love to you both and a huge congratulations – not just on the nuptuals, but on your achievement with your dress and the bridesmaid dresses. You did an amazing job. x

  2. Oh you are so beautiful! Your dress is amazing. The back in particular looks soooo good – I love the way it the sheer area comes so naturally from the bodice. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks heaps Rachel – that was a favourite part of mine too – although working with that mesh was… challenging. Worth the struggle, though! :)

  3. This is just amazingly beautiful, and so are you! Best wishes on your nuptials, may you have many happy years together!

  4. Wowzer this is epic. Congratulations on an amazing dress, beautiful day and what looks like a delicious wedding cake! Do you think you’ll show some inside pics at all? I’m curious what structure you used inside

  5. Absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous location too. And was that Greg Evans doing the perfect match :)? Congratulations

      1. Do you know while I was watching you two get married, I was all like I know him! He must be a minister friend of my dads or I’ve been to a church with him preaching. Turns out nope, just watch some crappy tv shows. Hehe. :)

  6. Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. Such a unique and exquisite dress – and what an heirloom. Amazing pictures.
    …and I LOVE that you ate the whole top layer of the cake. You go girl!

    1. Aww thanks so much for your lovely words, Lizzy! Of COURSE I ate the whole top layer. Not all on the actual night, mind you – but I did eat some for breakfast along with the leftover kahlua truffles! It was a great weekend :P

  7. The colour and fabric you chose is so dreamy. I love all the little details on the back. The sheer decolletage gives the dress a really ethereal quality. You will be able to look back on these photos with pride forever.

    Such a good idea to make the top layer of your cake gluten free. Beautiful work by Mr Poppykettle. Cakes can be stressful because they have to be done at the last minute…not much chance for a Plan B!

    Congratulations to you both and wishing you many happy years together.

    1. Thanks so much, Katherine! I absolutely adore the colours, and whilst I didn’t plan on a dress of a particular colour – I don’t think it could have worked out better! Trent did SUCH a wonderful job on the cake – it was divine. He did do a few ‘practice’ cakes in the weeks leading up, just to make sure the recipe and cooking times were right. He did so well! :)

  8. Thoroughly amazing dress, and you guys both look so happy! Congratulations. I’m a big fan of the “banished god daughter commiserates with cat” photo :)

  9. wow – it’s so beautiful mrs poppykettle! great pictures. as we are sewing geeks, can i beg for some construction and detail info please? congratulations – what a lovely day.

  10. Absolutely incredibly gorgeous! I think that is one of the most beautiful wedding dresses I have ever seen, and you look stunning. Sigh! I am all weepy!

  11. Wow. Just wow. Probably the most beautiful handmade wedding dress I have seen, and totally totally worth it. Huge congrats to you and Mr. Poppykettle. I definitely need more details on the dress! :-)

  12. That dress is absolutely exquisite – amazing job! I love the not-white-but-not-too-out-there fabric. You look just stunning.

    And congratulations! You guys look so happy. :)

  13. Congratulations again! I’m not sure what I can say that hasn’t already been said. I take my hat off to you – your wedding gown is stunning, your fabric choice was just perfect and I love all the little details. The photos have such a warm, fun feel to them, it looks like it was an amazing day,. Well done to Mr Poppy Kettle on his baking skills – you’re one talented couple :)

    1. Thank you SO much for your lovely words, Robyn – I really appreciate them :) I do absolutely adore it, and on the day it definitely felt wonderful to wear. And I’m lucky that at least Trent’s love of cooking food and feeding people is something that I can partake in! Maybe one day I’ll get around to sewing him something ;)

  14. Beautiful. I agree with other comments that this is one of the most beautiful wedding dresses I have ever seen. You should be proud of yourself; you’ve done an amazing job

  15. Breathtaking and you both look so happy, congratulations to you both. A very magic day and thank you for sharing all the gorgeous photos.

  16. Great job. You look amazing and the pics show how much fun you were having. I’ll be watching for details of your construction. The work around the neckline where you transitioned from fabric to sheer is super!

  17. Oh Mel you’ve outdone yourself! You are positively glowing in those photos and that dress would have dropped jaws on the day. If I’m honest I’m actually more excited to see the insides than the outsides. Every photo looked magical, what a day!

    1. haha, that’s how it is when you’re a sewing enthusiast, Jodie! But thank you SO much. I love that you’ve been sharing your journey along the way because my anticipation for your dress is growing by the minute! All the best with your progress on it :) xx

  18. Wow! Your dress and wedding photos gave me goosebumps! Congratulations to you both and well done on such a beautiful, beautiful job!

  19. Oh gosh. Mel it is truly stunning in every way. I’m with thornberry it makes me all a bit teary. A beautiful design and the fit just looks incredible. I have been waiting so long to see the dress and now can’t wait for all the other posts.
    Oh and that is amazing that you had Greg Evans!!!

    1. Aww thank you Kirsty! Your lovely words mean so much to me :) And yes, Greg was an absolutely amazing celebrant! More posts coming up super soon :)

  20. What a surprise! I was expecting the traditional white gown. This is truly a unique wedding dress that has obviously had many hours of thought and work put into it. So glad it was everything you had dreamed of and you should be very proud of yourself. looking forward to all the sewing details to come.

    1. haha, I know what you mean, Jean! I didn’t quite plan it that way though – the fabric picked me. The two dresses I had originally picked out as a #1 and backup to ‘copy’ were more along the traditional lines. I can’t imagine having worn anything else now though. Thank you so very much!

  21. most anticipated post of the year!!! you look stunning in this dress, i just adore the fabric and color. every detail is exquisite, the pleats, the sheer neckline… totally blown away! this piece belongs in a museum. many congrats to you and the mister!

    1. Lisa you’re too kind. Although as much as I’ve enjoyed having a blogging break, equally I really missed it and have been so very much looking forward to sharing these pictures! Thank you SO much for your lovely words :)

  22. Melanie,
    I do not think there is anythning left to say….all the other posts echo my sentiments. How spectacular that you were able to “listen/hear” the fabric call out to you and transform the fabric into YOUR work of art. A special dress for your special day….and KUDOS to Mr. Poppykettle for a gorgeous cake. Congratulations again. Keep sewing/posting.

    1. Oh, Gina – thank you so much for your lovely words! I still do very much think that fabric had my name on it all along. I was so unusually calm in accepting that I hadn’t found what I was looking for when shopping for fabric in New York prior to my time in Baltimore… That day at Mendel Goldberg was so very fortuitous! I’ll pass on your congrats to Trent on the cake – he did such an amazing job with it. Thank you! x

  23. Wow, it looks like something out of a fairy tale! Gorgeous and timeless, and classier than most bridal gowns, that’s for sure. You can tell your man adores you, and he made the cake?! Great job landing that guy!
    The good thing is, you’ll look back at those photos 20 years from now and not wonder what you were thinking, because the look will stand the test of time.

    1. Thank you, Julie! I thought it felt timeless, but then I’m also pretty biased, so it’s lovely to hear it from someone else :) We do absolutely adore each other, and it was such a beautiful day (weekend, actually) to reflect that. Yep, I feel pretty lucky when he gets busy in the kitchen! But now, time to catch up on some blog reading – I’ve been saving your posts on the Charles James exhibition so I can enjoy them properly!

  24. oh my, Mel! Once again, I am speechless! Your dress is truly a work of art. I’m thinking that you should put it in a glass case and keep it in a prominent place in your living room for all to see. The glass will protect it from all the drooling! Also, from the pictures I can tell that this marriage is one for the ages! You both look so happy and perfect together!
    Can’t wait for more details on this incredible dress.

    1. Oh Cissie – thank you so much for your beautiful words! I’m so very touched – We are both about as happy as it gets. I haven’t a clue what I’m going to do with it once I pick it up from the dry cleaners (I spilt some dinner down the side of it… oops.) You’re a dear :) x

  25. Wow, Melanie. The dress is amazing, and definitely one of a kind. How gorgeous is that fabric. Well done. I look forward to hearing ALL about the construction in as much detail as you can be bothered to give us.

  26. Congratulations! This gown is stunning. It almost makes me want to cry it is so beautiful and so couture, this is so what being able to sew is all about, creating beautiful, meaningful, personal garments for milestones in our lives. Mum and I made my wedding dress together and it remains one of the most precious experiences of my life. Wishing you both all the joy in the world! Amazing job!

    1. Then you’ll know just how special it is to spend that particular day in that particular dress!! It doesn’t compare and I can’t imagine doing it any other way. Thank you so much Stacey – I’m pretty sure you know how I feel more than most :)

  27. Can’t WAIT to see more of the insides of this dress. It was so delicious I just wanted to reach through my computer screen to touch it!!! Amazing work. It looks like the work of a fairy godmother. Truly spectacular. And congrats and Godspeed on your new adventure into marriage! xoxoxo

  28. So amazing! Thank you for sharing those beautiful photos. Your gown is breathtaking and I am in awe with the workmanship!!! I’m always curious, how do you finish the edge of the sheer/skin tone chiffon/organza around your front neckline and arm?

    1. Hi Debbie! Thank you so much :) Ah yes. I ended up using fishing line (Gutermann actually sell it as ‘invisible thread’) which was an incredibly scary nightmare to have to work with. Probably mostly because it’s impossible to see… and because once it folds too harshly it’s permanently bent in that fold! I used the hand rolled hem technique to finish the edges where ever you see the sheer fabric/mesh. It worked quite a treat.

  29. I’ll go even further than Miss Celie and say this is the most beautiful wedding dress ever! Absolutely exquisite, and I’ve been around for a long time. I will devour details when you post them.

  30. Congratulations!!!! That dress leaves me absolutely speechless! What an amazing work of art. And your whole wedding looks like such a beautiful celebration full of love and happiness! Thank you SO much for sharing your photos with us!!

  31. Ok, this dress was most definitely worth the long wait! it was also surprising and better than could have been imagined. Congrats! It was a labor of love to reflect your love, how perfect.

  32. Congratulations! It’s all been said… beautiful fabric, beautiful bride, groom, location and cake. I particularly like the seamless (pun intended) transition from bodice to sheer decollate. Also thought “that looks like…”! and did I ‘hear’ you made the bridesmaid dresses too?? What a phenomenal effort.

    1. Thank you so much, Sofie! I’m so glad you like it :) Yes, the seamless transition was one I was hoping I would be able to pull off, and I think it worked a treat. The difficulty in sewing something like this is you can’t really truly know what you’re getting until it’s done – which seems like rather a risk for such an important garment! And yes… I did. Although those lovely ladies have intentionally been left out of this post – they’ll get their own post a little later on :)

  33. Gorgeous. I love how you went with a non-traditional color for your dress. It really enhances your coloring. And I adore how Mr. Poppykettle made the cake!

    1. Thank you so very much, Anne! Yes, there was definitely a higher power at work when it came to me finding that fabric – it was meant to be something else but I just couldn’t let the fabric you see here go. And it definitely worked out for the best. He did such a wonderful job on the cake – it was delicious!

  34. Okay. So when I saw this post I got so excited I had to go get a cup of coffee and calm down before I even saw the first picture. JESUS MURPHY MELANIE!!!!! This is probably the most beautiful me-made garment I’ve EVER seen. I’m seriously drooling. And I don’t mean this patronizingly at all, but SO PROUD. There is NOTHING we can’t do! Include making the most beautiful wedding dress of all time. Now, if only my man believed in marriage….. Oh man.That fabric. Ceee-rikey!

    1. Oh thank you so much Heather! You’re too kind. And also right – we really can sew anything we put our minds too! Stunningly gorgeous fabric does help. And now I’ve had a taste of this kind of sewing… I want more. Who said you had to get married in order to wear such a gown?? I say, sew one anyway! x

  35. I’m speechless! I can’t believe how gorgeous this is! In the realm of one of the most perfect dresses ever made sort of gorgeous!

  36. MEL! OK, this is crazy, but as soon as I saw the first photo, I burst into tears! The dress is so perfect (SO PERFECT) and you look so happy and beautiful! And WHAT?! The mister made the cake?!?!?! You two must be the most talented couple around- your friends must all be jealous! I seriously can’t get over this dress. Like Lisa said, it belongs in a museum. Absolutely gorgeous. MASSIVE congratulations!!!!!

    1. Oh Sonja you’re just too lovely! Thank you SO much for your beautiful words… I (we) couldn’t have had a more wonderful day. And yep – I’m pretty darn lucky to have a hubby that loves to cook as much as he does!! Thanks for making me smile! :)

  37. The dress and you in the dress are absolutely stunning!!! Congratulations on the wedding and on the construction of a stunning dress! I’m getting married in a couple months but opted not to make my dress (too much stress!) so I very much admire your decision to do so!

    1. Thank you so much, Erin! I don’t half blame you… that dress pretty much took over my life for several months. I’m lucky my now-hubby and friends were so accommodating of my lofty sewing ambitions… How exciting for you though!!! I hope you absolutely have a wonderful wedding day – it’s a beautiful experience :)

  38. Gorgeous, what a perfect dress on you. Lovely fabric, what is it? also I love your bouquet – fantastic, simple, complementary. Also your hair, beautiful. It is all the details that make a look like this, well done !!!!!!

    1. Hi Beth! Thank you so much :) It’s pretty much a mix of taffeta and organza, with some skin coloured mesh on top. Oh, and lace, of course! I loved my bouquet… it lasted for so long after the wedding too. It’s long gone now, but Trent bought me a potted version which is very happily blooming in our living room. Phalaenopsis!

  39. Oh. My. Goodness. That dress is AMAZING. I can’t even find the words to describe how incredible it looks and how beautifully it complements your coloring. It makes you glow! Even though it’s a totally different style, it puts me in mind of those 1930s starlets. Fantastic work; can’t wait to see the inspiration and construction posts!

    Also, it’s silly, but my favorite photo is of your goddaughter and the cat :)

    1. Oh thank you so very much, Cindy! Such beautiful words :) Bizarrely, I didn’t plan it that way, my original dress was going to be silvery sequinned, 1930’s style! But I came across the fabric you see here at the last minute… and threw everything in the air for it. The risk paid off, I just adore the giant floral print. And not silly at all – it was one of my favourites! Too gorgeous to leave out. Construction posts coming up! :)

  40. Amazing dress! Congrats on such a unique one-of-a-kind gown that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Anyone who’s planning on making their own dress, I’d love to shoot the process for a new television series documenting your journey. I can be reached at 818-625-4124 if any of you ladies are interested and would like more details on the project.

  41. What a beautiful garment! Your sewing prowess is certainly to be admired! Looking forward to future posts on the construction.

  42. Oh my lord!! I absolutely love the illusion neckline (I think that’s the right term) and how you played with how and where it met your main fabric. And the trim on the back is just breathtaking. I knew you’d sew something elegant and wonderfully constructed, but I’m blown away by how unique your dress is. And you guys sure look like you belong together :)

    1. Aw, thank you so very much, Morgan! The thing with sewing something like this is you never really know how it’s going to turn out until you do it. Muslining doesn’t quite cover those sorts of details! :P

  43. You. Look. STUNNING!

    Congratulations on your marriage, wish you lots of happiness. And I’m very very jealous of that dress!!

  44. Well, I wish I’d been there and we’ve never even met. Your dress is nothing short of DIVINE. The whole thing looks like perfection. Congratulations and many happy years ahead.

  45. I am relatively new to your blog, but that didn’t stop me from shedding a tear at the first photograph. Your dress is exquisitely beautiful, as are you. I believe in a sort of existential continuum, wherein the more meaning we attach to each event in our lives, the more meaningful our lives become. Every bride deems her wedding important, but for you to spend the additional time and energy that you did making your couture wedding gown, and for your husband to practice for weeks and make the perfect wedding cake, imbues your wedding with even more commitment, creativity, industry and love. I enjoyed the dress-related photos, but am wondering about the shot in front of a bulldozer. Best wishes to you and Mr. Poppykettle for a long and happy marriage.

    1. Oh I love that train of thought, Ann! It very much reflects how I operate. And that photo in front of the tractor is my sense of humour in operation – I work in construction and I love the juxtaposition of something that exists purely to look lovely up against something designed without even considering aesthetics. Thank you so much for your beautiful words :)

  46. Its perfection Mel, simply and utterly perfect…
    You’ve raised the bar to a extraordinary level and I have to agree with Heather Lou, i’m so silly proud of what you achieved, I know what it involved..and yet you were so calm month after month!
    If ever there was a fabric meant for you it was this, you were glowing….did you send Alice pics yet?
    The day looked amazing , and I loved the cake pics .. a hubbie who bakes..keeper!! and very handsome too :-)
    So many congratulations again xx

    1. And I couldn’t have done it without you Leisa, thank YOU! You’re such an inspiration with your beautiful sewing… although now I wish I could sew more things like this! Being focused on it for so long has given me a lot of time to thing about the kinds of garments I want to spend my limited time sewing. Fabulous things!
      Thank you so very much :)

  47. Congratulations! Seriously, I have not seen a more beautiful wedding dress for a long time and what an achievement that you made it yourself. You should be very proud. You both looked the perfect couple. Many happy years together. Gosh, thinking – what could every top this dress!! Superb!

  48. What a perfect day for your wedding! Everything, from your dress,which is AWESOME to that yummy cake, looks fantastic, and there is no doubt you can call it a success!

  49. Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations to you both! God bless your union! You dress is stunning and you both look quite perfect! Cheers to the groom for making that cake!

  50. I don’t have words to describe this dress. Utterly amazing doesn’t seem like enough. You outdid yourself. All the hard work and consideration paid off. You were a blushing bride!

  51. Oh my god Mel!!! You look INCREDIBLE! So beautiful!! Congratulations to you and Mr Poppykettle. You both look amazing, wow!!!!!
    That dress is… I’m lost for words. Just beautiful.

    1. Aw, thanks hun! You’re too kind :) I had a lot of fun (and pain) sewing it, but I absolutely adore how it turned out. And I learnt so much doing it! I’m so very glad you like it as much as I do :) xx

  52. You are a STUNNING bride. The dress is absolutely spectacular. Congratulations! On the wedding, of course, but also on the task of making that exquisite dress!

  53. I’ve followed your blog for a long time and enjoy all your makes/posts, so I feel moved to tell you that this gown is a SHOWSTOPPER! It is just incredibly beautiful and I feel like it really complemented you. I also love your venue, if you would be so kind, I’d be interested to know where you were.

    Congratulations to your and Mr PK!

    1. Aw thank you so much, Nancy! It’s definitely the culmination of my sewing ‘career’ to date. It was such a joy to work on (and stressful, but you forget that afterwards!) and I learnt so much from doing it :)

  54. OH MY GOD YOUR DRESS IS SOOOO STUNNING! I admit I have been waiting to see your dress ever since you announced you would be making it, and I’m blown away. Breath-taking!
    And please accept my congratulations to you and your husband and my very best wishes for a long happy life together :)

  55. Congratulations and best wishes for you and Mr. Poppykettle.
    You started of in a gorgeous gown! It’s absolutely beautiful and very original! Such a beautiful job!

  56. Congratulations on your wedding and on your stunning gown too. The fabric is absolutely gorgeous and you look stunning! Amazing job!

  57. Oh wow. That dress is incredible! I absolutely love the colour on you and the bridesmaids dresses are divine as well. You look so beautiful and happy. Congratulations!

  58. I have been wondering how you were coming on this and I was sure that you would come up with something stunning. But this is beyond my wildest expectations! I adore the color, the lace and absolutely everything about this. Your day was absolutely breath taking!
    I would so love to see any morsels about your design and construction process.

  59. I (as I’m sure many many others) have been waiting for this post for a long time! It did not disappoint – you look absolutely STUNNING, and the dress is spectacular – what a gorgeous fabric! I love how the light hits it as it moves – you shimmer :) And how cool that your mister made the cake? That’s amazing! :) Your beautiful photos definitely do tell the story; they brought tears to my eyes :) Can’t wait to see your construction notes – following your journey in making this dress was one of the inspirations for me deciding to make my own wedding dress too! :)

    1. Oh I’m so glad to hear you’re going to make yours too! It’s a journey fraught with both stress and so much enjoyment ;) And I learnt so much along the way! And thank you so very much for your beautiful words! I am very lucky :)

  60. Oh Mel this is all sorts of amazing! I can’t imagine even imagine attempting to sew my own wedding dress it you have done it to absolute perfection. You should definitely be proud!

    1. Aw thanks Kat!! That’s so very lovely of you :) It was worth all the stress (and to be honest, I’ve forgotten all about that now :P) and I’m very definitely very proud! x

  61. Why hello gorgeous! I think I just picked my jaw up off the ground. What a fabulous dress! I expected no less from you, but still, amazing! I can’t wait to keep reading! You have me on pins and needles!

    1. Aw, thanks so much Amy!! You’re just too lovely. I’m pretty damn proud :) More coming soon! well… just as soon as I get round to writing a post. Sometimes that’s the hardest part of this process :P xx

  62. I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for the big reveal and it exceeds my expectations! You are stunning, Melanie! I know how incredibly hard you worked from conception to completion of your wedding dress, and truly, it was worth the blood sweat and tears you invested. The dress is unbelievably gorgeous and and your wedding pictures are beautiful.
    Congratulations, Melanie!!!!!

  63. So, just a few other (206 comments so far) have come before me to say how fabulous you looked. They are right but I have to say you looked even better in real life! You had a lovely softness, and a glow about you on the day.
    I didn’t cry at my wedding but I found myself holding back tears at yours. Being a mother makes me so emotional these days! Not just cause you made a dress, which was lovely, suited you to a tee, but because you made a marriage, chose you a great guy and are going to love and live happily ever after.

    I love you Mel, and am VERY proud of you!

    1. Aw thanks you lovely thing! You know half those comments are mine, right? :P Thanks SO much for your lovely words – I cherish them all. It was so lovely to have you there!!!
      Thank YOU x

  64. What a starlit beauty you are! This dress is unbelievable. And soo so romantic, in style and in fabric. I know how stressful wedding planning can be but this kind of beauty and magic and art is so worth it. What an accomplishment. Congratulations to both of you!

  65. You look amazing. So fabulous that you made such a stunning and unique dress. I love the detail you have put into it, the buttons down the back, the applique, all of it is amazing. On top of that it fits beautifully. Then you HUSBAND MAKES THE CAKE??!! How amazing is that. You two are destined for a great life together. Congratulations :)

  66. Spectacular

    I left it a while to comment because I couldn’t really come up with any suitable words! You’ve blown my mind again! I love the way the fabric really changed as the light changed. Just beautiful & you beautiful in it.

    1. Oh I know the feeling. Sometimes I’m so very taken with a garment in a post but I just can’t find the right words to comment on… But thank you SO much. The fabric really is spectacular – very multi-faceted. It made sewing it so very worthwhile :) Thank you Jenny!

  67. Wow! Wow! Wow! You are both gorgeous. You did such a wonderful job on the dress, it is amazing. Can’t wait to read the next posts. Did you take notes while you were working or am I the only one who forgets by lunch what I had for breakfast?
    Can you do a post on the cake? Sour cherry and chocolate are my favourite :)

  68. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! (which of course it was always going to be!) I have just read part 1 of Project WD and am loving all the sewing nerd detail. Looking forward to future installments.

  69. Congratulations! This is one of the most beautiful dresses I’ve ever seen! I found your website about a week ago and I keep coming back over and over to look at the wonderful pictures. All the work and thinking that’s in this wedding dress… I’m speechless! And your descriptions of how the dress was made are such nice reading. You are one excellent blogger! I have read almost all posts by now. Very interesting since I’m a hobby seamstress too (and an engineer by daytime). I’m looking forward to the next post. Congrats!

  70. You look so beautiful. I love the unconventional choice of colour, yet a romantic dress befitting the occasion. I wish you a long and happy life together.

  71. this dress is absolutely gorgeous! (And you in it too obviously). I love that you went for something not white. A wedding is really the opportunity to go all out on a beautiful dress so why limit yourself to white. You’ve done an amazing job with this!

  72. Our heartfelt congratulations for your new life together and the beautiful bridal dress you made! Truly a high fashion gown, fantastic fabric, amazing detailed work with lace on the bodice, and…oh well, the pattern was great too!;-)
    Best wishes from Alessia, Lorenzo and the whole Marfy crew.

  73. Oh my gosh. I’ve just found this via a Marfy post on Facebook. I thought you’d stopped blogging and there you were all the time making an exquisite wedding dress. I’m going to settle in for the evening and catch up on all your posts I’ve missed. I’m so pleased you’re still sewing and now I know where to read about it again. The dress is unbelievably beautiful, as is your wedding xx

  74. [sharp intake of breath] Oh. My. Gawwwwd!!! Your dress is just absolutely stunning! Massive congrats (both on the dress and the wedding).

  75. Beautiful.. You totally inspire to achieve such a piece one day .. The pictures capture the detail and beauty of the dress… Great Job… Great fit.. Just fabulous.


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