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Things are still under construction, but it is my intention for this blog to eventually become an archive of techniques, tips and tricks on all things sewing related – most especially tailoring techniques. But as you may be aware, tailoring is a long, drawn out and laborious (but oh-so enjoyable) process – so in between will definitely be some satisfyingly quick sewing projects. And some random banter, naturally.

First things first, I would like to make fond reference to Robert Ingpen – an Australian graphic designer, illustrator and author, from whom I obtained the moniker ‘poppykettle’, which has stuck throughout my childhood and adolescence. My hometown of Geelong has the ‘Poppykettle Festival’ for kindergarteners and primary school students, based on Mr Ingpen’s children’s book ‘The Voyage of the Poppykettle’, about a group of hairy peruvian gnomes landing on Geelong’s shores in a tea kettle.

Cover Art from Robert Ingpen’s book – The Voyage of the Poppykettle

Whilst I am neither hairy, a gnome nor peruvian, his books fascinated me as a child, as in turn I hope this blog will provide a source of inspiration to you, dear readers!

First up off the tailoring rank? Vogue 8307. Stay tuned!


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  1. Totally stalking your blog whilst researching the tailoring that I want to include on my duffle coat and found your first post! heh! I had no idea that was where Poppykettle came from. I LOVE Robert Ingpen’s books – I have a few of them and they are my favourite presents to give to newborns… In fact, I had one planned already for your OWN newborn! (I’m the WORST at keeping presents secret). Love you! x

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