B8155: The ultimate pencil skirt

Ah, Burda 8155. The pencil skirt for the pencil skirt enthusiast. Perfectly shaped, super easy to make and looks great on. You don’t need a toile for this, just a measuring tape to ensure you get the right fit.

Speaking of which, make sure you take your measurements from the actual pattern pieces, rather than the measurement chart. That measurement chart LIES. On my first version of this skirt I learnt the hard way – my waist and hip measurements almost exactly matched those of the size 42, but when I put the darned thing together, it had so much ease that the waistband barely held itself to hips. I downsized to a 38 and increased the width of the front darts by 0.5cm each side (a total of 2cm), which ended up being perfect.

I’ll be whipping up 2 versions of this in view B, the first of which will be in this fabulous 75% wool/25% nylon basketweave textured fabric. Acquired from EmmaOneSock – where else? Teaming up with this will be a black silk habotai from Clegs and I’m stuck on two potential buttons I’ve bought from Etsy (love!) to join the waistband…

I’m going to try my hand at bound button holes for this skirt’s waistband.
The second version will be in a fabric I fell head over heels for in Tessuti – called ‘Once Upon a Pink’. I was tempted to go back and buy more for a dress – but it had already sold out by the time I made up my mind. For this one I’ve decided to replace the waistband and use a matching bright red petersham ribbon:

I need something to sew that’s quick and easy as a break from my coat :)


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