Merry Christmas! & my 2012 plans for sewing…

Well it’s that time of year again – I’ll be away visiting family and friends between Christmas and New Years, so this will be my last post for the year.

How gorgeous are the laser cut wooden snow flakes above? I’m trying to make a tradition of buying a special Christmas ornament each year, and these are this years find, from Etsy seller Timber Green Woods. Last year I bought some ‘baubles’ covered in lovely polka-dotted pheasant feathers, so unintentionally it seems I’m going for an earthy theme for my future Christmas Trees. 

I’m hoping you all have a safe and joyous end to the year – I’m looking forward to coming back next year and tackling the ever growing sewing ‘To Do’ list, including a whole plethora of new tailoring projects, working with lace, attempting to fit my first pair of pants – I could go on and on!

So I’ll leave you with some of the fabrics I’ve got plans for… and some vintage lovelies I’m dying to jump into!

I’ve gone crazy buying vintage (and non-vintage) lace on Etsy – here are some of my findings along with an AMAZING woven silk in periwinkle blue that I’m planning to team with a pale lemon yellow lining as a tailored jacket:

Plus some black and white checked wool with a bright blue silk lining for a fitted sheath dress for work…

And yet another work dress from a cashmere fabric with lime green silk lining:

I’ll be trying my hand at a pair of jeans – I figure, if pants are so difficult to fit, why not try to make a pattern from a favourite pair of jeans? So I’ve cut up a pair that fit like a charm, but are no longer wearable (at least, not in public!), and bought some denim. I’ve also ALWAYS wanted a pair of slacks in an olive green colour, for any variety of completely unknown reasons. 

Some kelly green, black and grey wools for some more work basics…

And ponti knits! I’m in love with ponti knits. Blue and red, in this case. Also a gorgeous chocolate wool flecked with pale orange and a warm grey – most probably another tailored jacket.

Not to mention I’ll be trying my hand for the first time at some vintage patterns, perhaps even a crinoline (or maybe just horsehair braiding – depends on how brave I am!) for the flouncier one:

I’m also looking forward to seeing what you and the rest of the online sewing community will be making :) But until then, see you next year!




  1. Gorgeous!! Where did you get your pontis from? I really want some too, but want to shop around and see if I can get some at a decent price. Can't wait to see the tailored jacket – that is also on my sewing list for this year. What pattern will you use?Merry Christmas!

  2. The blue ponti is from Tessuti – I saw just two days ago that they still have a nice fat roll of it if your interested! From memory that was about $18/m. The red is from EmmaOne Sock, and I've been eyeing off the turquoise, white and off-white (to make my own stripes perhaps?) at US$14/m from Spandex World…. brown jacket will be from Vogue 8739 (it's a co-ordinates pattern) and I cut out my test last night! Still have to put it together…The periwinkle blue will be from Vogue 8333 I think. Will have to see!Merry Christmas to you too :)

  3. My New Year's resolution – organise my stash!! I'm really looking forward to seeing all your projects evolve. It was great meeting you again and I wish you all the best for Christmas and the New Year.

  4. Merry Christmas poppykettle!I love your idea of buying one special Christmas ornament each year… and each one will come with its own story of how you "found" it!Your New Years sewing plans look very promising, and I just adore that chocolate and orange flecked tweed. Looking forward to seeing your lovely new garments!

  5. Ahem! Not to mention you missy! Congrats on you being #55! Hehehe no I did not receive such a message but this is excellent news! I shall wrap it all nice for you, would you rather me post it or do a little meet? :)

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