My 1 Year Sewing Anniversary

The 5th of February marks my one year anniversary of sewing – and the day I had my very first sewing lesson with the talented Vikki Leigh Martin. In all seriousness, the best investment in ‘me’ I’ve ever made. After completing her Introduction to Sewing class over 4 weeks, I dived in headfirst and haven’t looked back – purchasing my first sewing machine in March. Here are a few of my favourite creations that pre-date this blog:

McCall’s 5972 – made with a 1950’s vintage floral fabric:

Annoyingly, they won’t sell Laura Ashley patterns in Australia for some reason. But that’s no problem for an enterprising online shopper like myself, eh?

My first attempt at tailoring, following Gertie’s sewalong – Colette’s Lady Grey Coat (pattern # 1010)

And a Vogue skirt (8697) made from a Liberty of London cotton lawn:

It’s been an incredibly fun and enjoyable journey, and I literally can’t wait to materialise all my imagined sewing ideas, preferably right NOW.

Sadly for me, I will be leaving my Saturday afternoon sewing class at the end of February, as Mr poppykettle and I are off to South America for 10 weeks on the 21st of March (a trip which has been in the making for about 18 months!), and it’s not really feasible to keep my coveted spot in her classes :(

As much as I will miss spending a few hours a week with like-minded people, the sewing blogosphere and its inhabitants (that’s YOU!) have been a constant source of inspiration and happiness for me. 

So I will continue to sew with a vengeance (against what, I have no idea), suffer massive sewing withdrawal symptoms whilst travelling (don’t worry, I have a plethora of planned posts for whilst I’m away ;) and be like an obsessed crazy lady when it comes to all things fabric.

Here’s to another fabulous year of sewing!



  1. Congratulations on your first year! How fast does it go? Yet at the same time it feels like a world away. You have achieved so much in your first year and your passion for sewing is evident. I still remember my first skirt and thinking how complex it was. Or the first time I ever added lining to a dress, I thought then I'd never remember how to do this! It's so exciting to look back at that now and see how much further we've come from that point.I love that having a blog lets us keep track of all our projects that we've done so that we can look back in five, ten years time and see how our sewing has evolved.All the best for your trip OS and I'm glad to hear you've got your blog sorted for that period. It's sad of course that you have to give up your class on Saturday, but at least now you have the skills and confidence to tackle your own projects without guidance.All the best for 2012P.s. – I love reading your blog because it's nice to see someone else who has come out of Vikki's classes that does as much sewing outside of the class as I do. I don't know how any one can restrict their sewing to just two hours a week. :)

  2. Congratulations Melissa. I'm in awe of the garments you have achieved in just one year!! Investing in sewing classes has really given you not only confidence but the skills to 'go it alone'. Have a wonderful holiday – wow 10 weeks!!! Looking forward to reading of your adventures and I'm sure that you'll be sewing up a storm when you return. All the best – BON VOYAGE!!

  3. I know! It goes by so fast. I'm devastated to be leaving Vikki's classes, but you'll probably still see me from time to time as she promised I could come back when someone else can't make it :)I love reading yours too :PThe love affair with sewing will continue!

  4. Thanks Evelyne – I'm sure we'll have a rip-roaring time! And yep – I will be hitting my sewing machine like a tonne of bricks when I get back. Figuratively speaking, of course.;)

  5. Literally laughed out loud when I read the tag "Things of limited interest to other people" haha you charmer. Naww! Sad you have to leave the class, but traveling will be awesome! :)

  6. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! I can't believe you've only been at it for one year – your garments are amazing and professional. A wonderful advertisement for your teacher. Can't wait to see what you produce next, and happy holidays too.

  7. Only one year and you are sewing garments at this standard???? OMG I hope I can achieve skills like that!Enjoy Sth America – I will be watching your posts intently as I'm headed to Peru myself later this year!

  8. oh my – you've just been sewing for one year!?! I wouldn't have guessed that from the amazing quality of your makes, the great fit you achieve and the professional look. have a great trip to South America!

  9. I just recently stumbled on your blog and, like others, am so impressed to hear that you have only been sewing for a year! I've been sewing for 3+ now, and am still intimidated trying to do something with sleeves or a zipper. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  10. OMG! You've only been sewing for a year?!?!?!? Wow. Color me impressed. Have a wonderful journey! My first thought was "I bet there's LOADS of great fabric to buy in SAm!" So, maybe you can indulge your passion even while away.

  11. Congrats! I love your blog too so thanks for visiting mine so I could find you :-) Your projects are great! We've been sewing for about the same time and I can see how much formal lessons are an advantage! I still haven't been to any classes so I'm probably doing a lot of things the hard way. Your blog is an inspiration so I'm definitely subscribing :-D

  12. Where are you buying Laura Ashley fabrics?! I was only in a store recently and thinking how gorgeous the fabrics were – then boom, i read this post! :) I am crashing your class again this weekend – your third last if my calculations are correct. So sad, I would be completely devastated if I had to give up my spot! That said, I would also LOVE to go a long holiday to South America :)

  13. Oh my. You have only been sewing 1 year! No one would ever know that, your skills are pretty awesome. Congratulations on your sewing anniversary and your trip to South America. Have a great time.

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