V8774: Turquoise Terror Jeans

V8774 Jeans 10


Say hello to my Turquoise Terror jeans! I’m head over heels for them, and whilst I can see plenty of room for improvement (both in technique, skill and knowledge) in the future – I’m deeming these entirely wearable. 

I went shopping last friday after work, and was sad to see all the autumn and winter stock that’s out and about – black, grey, dark brown and everything not in between. Adding salt to the wound is all the spring colour palettes popping up on the blogs of your northern hemispherers. This is yet another winter season I will blatantly disreguard the non-colours shoved down our throats by clothing retailers. I simply refuse to bow down to lack of colour in yet another upcoming Melbourne winter!!! How about a bit of fluoro yellow and brilliant turquoise to brighten the day?

V8774 Jeans 11

You can find my review and competition entry over at Pattern Review here, and whilst you’re at it, you may as well check out the fabulous entries by others in the competition gallery here. There are some totally talented people out there – I’m flabbergasted at the shear number of self-drafted jeans entries! My personal favourites are these amazing green jeans by velosewer of Clever Thinking 99, also using Vogue 8774.

V8774 Jeans 6

The fabric is a turquoise denim from Gorgeous Fabrics. I can’t believe I actually grimaced when I originally pulled them from their package – back then I lumped the fabric as being something for future toile’s. But over the weeks, it just grew and grew on me. It certainly fits in nicely with my 2012 promise to myself to start wearing more colour on the botton half! Although, I prewashed the blasted stuff 3 times and the dye is still coming out.

The rise of the jeans is a lot higher than any that I own – but I’m finding I really like this. I have a naturally long body, with most of the length between my waist and hips, so this additional coverage appears to be quite flattering, especially at the back.

V8774 Jeans 7

I’m about 80% happy with the fit, even after the numerous changes made to the pattern. I think this is because whilst I made my toile up in a woven, the actual fabric I used has some stretch. The changes made to my woven toile didn’t fully translate into stretch – I would have needed to exaggerate the darts I put in to reduce excess fabric and bagginess to achieve the same look I think. 

V8774 Jeans 5
Pretty Liberty of London leftovers for the pocket lining :)

As for the Vogue Pattern? Well, it has quite a few positives, but I had expected that a jeans pattern from Vogue would have the same features as a pair of RTW jeans – such as flat felled seams. Top stitching gives the look yes, but it isn’t a flat felled seam! I did the real thing (you can see my 101 on Flat Felled Seams here). Although, the jeans fly was practically identical to all the shop-bought jeans I own.

V8774 Jeans 8

Topstitching makes me nervous, so these jeans helped me overcome a bit of a personal demon :) I decided to go with a self-fabric design on the back pockets, which was completely, utterly and unashamedly copied from one of the numerous pairs of Sass & Bide jeans already in my cupboard. Imitation is the highest form of flattery?


I was wanting to try putting in a shank style jeans button (I even bought two different types) – but at the last minute caved in and went with a hook and clasp – like the pattern suggests. I’ve yet to try a buttonhole (other than a bound button hole) and was a tad nervous at the idea of trying for the first time with a finished garment. I’ll target learning button holes at a later date I think!

V8774 Jeans 9

Some of you might recall I was originally going to try and use a favourite pair of jeans that were no longer wearable as a pattern. Thankfully, I came to my senses. But then I got an email just a few days ago about a new Craftsy course…

Jean-ius Reverse Engineering Course by Craftsy – click here

Thank you, Kenneth King. I’m so totally in!



  1. Lovely jeans and a very brave colour choice. I've made a couple of pairs of jeans, but like you have only been about 80% happy with the fit. I might also look into that Craftsy course.

  2. This jeans look fabulous. Especially when paired with the yellow top. Very anti-winter! I'm going to have a go at my first pair of jeans over the next month. I've picked out a pattern and am eagerly waiting for the fabric to arrive.

  3. These look great, love the pocket details! I've also ran into some interesting things on Vogue patterns too and it makes me wonder what they were thinking!

  4. About 80% Lara – they're good, but they're not yet at the point where I would wear them exclusively over my RTW versions… hopefully a few more tries and I'll be a bit closer! Glad you approve :)

  5. I think they are fabulous — and the colour is amazing. I hope its not inappropriate to say that your butt looks great in them – you've fitted them perfectly.

  6. These look so amazing! The pockets are my favorite part – I love the details there!!! Also, it is so nice to see such happy colors together, and I find that I tend to make my fall/winter clothing have something bright to it as well, otherwise it just gets dark and depressing. Love them – hopefully you will make some more!

  7. I love your thoughts on colour in winter… I never wear brown and I wear black only with other bright colours like a coat or jacket, skirt.. anything to break the drab. Your jeans look great! I love the colour and the fit looks great.

  8. Oh my – these are amazing! Great color and not to be too forward but your butt looks awesome in these. Thanks for the heads up on the new Craftsy course – I love Kenneth King. Craftsy has a great thing going, don't they?

  9. Hi PK – Great jeans! Just wondering how you matched the inseams after taking 2 cm out of the back? Wouldn't the back inseam be much shorter above the knee than the right?Thanks

  10. Thanks! I'm in love with the pockets too – which is a good thing because I spent what felt like yonks top-stitching them! And I will definitely be making some more… time is my only enemy!

  11. I love craftsy! After Gertie's bombshell dress, I'm in love. I've signed up for Kenneth King's jean's fitting thing and I'm also eyeing off that couture dress one too…

  12. great jeans! i think they are so flattering, i love the color, and the secret liberty leftover surprise is fabulous! also, i am definitely trying the kenneth king course. he's an amazing instructor.

  13. Hi, I was just scrolling through your blog, saw these jeans and realised they are the very ones I voted for a couple of days ago! I looked carefully at all the entries and liked yours best. Lovely job. Good luck in the contest, Megan

  14. I just saw this post and I love these jeans!!! How have they gone with wearing over time, are they still a good fit? I would be interested to know if you have made it through the craftsy course. I am still working up to finishing my pants pattern but I have the craftsy course on standby to help!

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