VOTE ONE: poppykettle

Jeans Contest
If you’ve been a Pattern Review member for 3 or more months, and you thought the pair of jeans I recently made for the Pattern Review Jeans competition:

 – were sewn nicely
 – fit well given the style
 – my review was helpful (you can read it here)

Then I’d love to gain your vote. You can click here to do so. 

You know you want too! Thanks a million fellow blogerette’s :)



  1. Hi Melanie, I have voted for your gorgeous jeans! :) absolutely loved your pockets! You are so much braver than me… I wouldnt even tackle jeans….. You don't know me but regularly read and enjoy your blog :) I found it via the Tessuti Blog…:) ( also a fave shop….. :) …) I don't have a sewing blog as yet… But thinking about it…. As thinking of doing Julia's Mad Men Challenge and I see you are too….:) I look forward to seeing your next project…. Best of luck with the Jeans… Think you did a fabulous job!Lou x

  2. Thanks Lou :) You definitely should do the Mad Men challenge! I've already got my patterns sorted (but only because I've been away from home and needed something sewing related to do!) I'm looking forward to seeing you start a sewing blog – your scrapbooking one is impressive!

  3. I voted for you but I wanted you to know it's not just 'cause I think you're cool and I want you to win. I seriously looked at all the entry photos, read the reviews of my favorites and tried my best to not be swayed by style and really consider fit and fun details. I liked yours because the jeans obviously fit well. I mean, it's not often that I find myself staring at a picture of some girl's booty and thinking "dang that looks good!" (I'm referring to the fit of the pants, of course, haha!) My bum is way jealous of your bum right there! Also, the pocket detailing was really creative. You also were one of two entrants who used a non traditional blue/black denim color. You used an uncommon pattern (many people used one Jalie or Hot Patterns Pattern) and dealt with fitting issues related more to the pattern itself than your body. AND this was your first pair of pants ever and you obviously know way more about pants fitting than I do (not that I know much to begin with but I was very impressed! you taught me a thing or two) and they look awesome! So I think you definitely deserved my vote ;) I hope you win!

  4. Thanks Melanie…:) I don't do my scrapping anymore… I decided to do sewing instead… spend my scrapping money on fabrics rather than paper…. :) A better investment… :)I also have my Mad Men Pattern and Fabric sorted.. just need them to arrive in the post…. So guess I am IN..LOLHave worked out a title for my blog -"It's Been Sew Long….." Ha it has been years since I've sewn… like 20yrs so I think its appropriate… lol! But that is far as I've got so far…. So on with Mad Men and a Blog for me…:) Looking forward to seeing your Mad Men Creation as well…:) Lou x

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