He sees, She sees

He sees a Self-Levelling Laser Level with a tripod.


She sees one hellava hi-tech hem marking tool.


Actually, I totally can’t take any credit because my dad suggested this whilst I was attempting to level the hem of a dress my mum is making. I’m hanging out with the parentals in Brisbane this weekend where it really is ‘beautiful one day, and perfect the next’. 

Whatta champ!


21 thoughts on “He sees, She sees

  1. What a nifty idea! I have a 'puffer' hem marker on order ATM. This gadget can be used solo. It is still easier with a helper but gives better results than just pinning if your helper is a non-sewer!

  2. This is the Best Idea Ever in the history of hems! Probably! Such a good idea! :) Hey next time you're in Brisbane give me a shout and maybe we can go fondle fabrics together or something. :)

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