The Marfy SS 2013/2014 Collection

In mid-January I recieved a tantalising email letting me know the 2013/2014 Marfy catalogue was soon to be released! This got me excited, so I hopped on over to and was pleasantly surprised to see they’ve overhauled their website – it’s far more user friendly than before, has heaps more information and my voyeuristic side is getting a kick out of seeing what their most popular patterns are.

But they don’t release the new patterns online until late February (and apparently ‘late Febuary’ translates to ‘early March’ in Italian. Off having an afternoon nap, were we?), and I’ve been waiting patiently for my 6 monthly Marfy pattern fix. Meaning I’ve been checking it everyday since about two weeks ago. And I’m still waiting, but I’m wondering if Marfy have signed their soul over to BMV – the patterns appeared there before they did on the Italian website!

I’m not really one to buy the catalogue for myself – but there are several fabric shops around Melbourne I know of that purchase it, and they’ve always been very welcoming for me to sit down and peruse through it:

Stitches to Style                              Tessuti
1056 High Street, Armadale             141 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

If there’s any patterns I’d like to get my mits on that aren’t offered online, I just order them directly from Marfy by emailing them.

Actually, this season I’m left wondering if Marfy haven’t specifically tried becoming more…. commercial? I can’t quite put my finger on my disappointment – whether it’s because expectation was high, or because they’re drawing on different sources of inspiration. Lets have a look, shall we?

F3067 – Refined tube-dress with draped collar, drop-shoulder
sleeves and skirt featuring half belt and two darts

I saw F3067 and immediately thought – it’s like that Vogue 12-something-something that everyone is still making (and for damn good reasons), but more awesome. I want this dress, and I’ll probably order the pattern because I know I would actually wear it, too. You know, it’s not just for my fantasy Pinterest-inspired wardrobe. Damn you Pinterest.


F3158 – I look at this and I envisage myself sashaying into the boardroom to lay down the law, matching clutch in tow. Like a Boss.

F3093 – Sporty blouse with patch pockets and 
long roll-up sleeves with strap fastenings

F3093 – Because when I’m not kicking ass in an office-based meeting, I want be well turned out whilst 4WD-ing through mud in my steel-caps and hi-vis. I’m pretty sure the Italians didn’t actually intend this to be practical, but that’s not my fault. I’d probably get rid of the gathering at the front yoke though.

F3164 – Tracksuit with palazzo pants

F3164 – I think something got lost in translation with that description. My eyes say yes Yes YES! But my brain says NO. I’m drawn to jumpsuits like a moth to the blue UV lamp. I tell myself that in an alternate universe where I am long-of-limb I would totes be lounging about in this right now.

F3149 – Mini-dress with amphora cuts that hug the figure.
Suggested fabric: velvet and lace or satin and patterned fabric

F3149 – Can you say S-t-e-l-l-a M-c-C-a-r-t-n-e-y? Love those lines. And the little transparent sleeves :) But I love the bag the most… can I have a pattern for that, Marfy?

F3171 – Evening dress with draped V-necked
bodice and loose panel skirt

F3171 – Look, I can’t explain why my invite to Le Grand Bal keeps getting lost in the mail year after year after year after year, but when it does finally make it’s way to me, this is what I will be wearing.

F3165 – Straight-line dress with slit design on bodice, crew neckline
with colored beads, and skirt with rounded hem and elongated point.

F3165 – Maybe it’s the cutouts at the neckline. Maybe it’s the recommendation to sew it up in Velvet. But this is funky. Does anyone know where I can buy a jewelled collar like that?

Now I just have to wait until the catalogue arrives in store so I can see if the rest of the collection can get my instant purchase reflex to appear. Are there any in this season that would tempt you to try a Marfy?



  1. The drawings look sooo elegant!!!!!! F3149 is my fav… and i wear my hair like that all the time hhahahaha. Also loving F3158.

  2. I'm way too scared to try Marfy. I struggle through with patterns that actually have instructions! I love the Marfy patterns you've sewn up, though.That said, F3171 is my fantasy wedding dress. Though I'd worry about how the dropped-boob-gathers would play out on my figure, in reality!

  3. I love how your top picks are so different from mine, but I still think they are awesome looking. Although I have to agree that these patterns look more commercial than previous ones… though I agree that I can't quite say why? But I still like a lot of them. If I could buy them at $1 pattern sales I would get all of them. I haven't taken the plunge on a pattern purchase yet, but I am tempted. I think the main thing stopping me is the lack of multi-sizing and the cost, though, after poking about on the Marfy BMV site and seeing that the wedding gown patterns cost in the $100s, $18 for a jacket pattern doesn't seem so bad!

  4. I am beginning to rely on you for all the important sewing information out there Melanie and I am so glad you have warned me that Marfy are about to release their spring/summer range for 2013. I particularly like F3158 and I can see you in the boardroom rounding everyone up in that. I think I will give that one a go for myself. I finally made up a muslin of Marfy2465 (the same as your gorgeous green top)and it is so lovely. I had to fiddle and fiddle with the front pleats but I eventually got them right. I couldn't get my size so I simply added extra at the sides and the fit was perfect. I made it up in some quilting fabric and even though it is a muslin, I have had so many compliments. I will be making it again and I think I will give Marfy another chance,even if they can't be bothered to add instructions!! I can't wait to see what you buy and what you then make.

  5. I was super eager to check out the Marfy patterns when I saw them on the BMV site, mainly because I knew you've had such great success with them. I too was drawn to that crazy droopy armpit jumpsuit, and I really can't say why. It just looks so…. louche? And I was into the safari-style shirt, but other than that I really couldn't think of any occasion to wear many of them!

  6. Marfy patterns make me wish I had a different lifestyle where I was swanning about in boardrooms! I've made one of their jackets, but haven't ventured further. Love that Stella-like dress.

  7. I could not agree more! At this stage, I would be very tempted to try some of their outerwear. Most of the commercial and even indie pattern companies offer quite mediocre outdoors clothing to my liking.

  8. haha, love it. I was also intrigued when I saw the Marfy email pop up in my inbox. All of the designs seemed (like Amy said) to be aimed at some high flying society that I am obviously not a part of. Where the hell could I wear that drapey evening dress??? Love your round up miss poppykettle. I needed that laugh at 8am this morning :-)F3165 – I want…

  9. Great picks! I am in love with 3149 and 3171, now all I have to do is grow a few cm taller and develop a bust (or else learn to grade patterns!). Why oh why do they not cater for the petite seamstress?BTW, have you checked out A Challenging Sew? This blogger has set herself the challenge of 20 Marfy patterns over 2 years.

  10. We're not the only ones saying they look more commercial – I've seen the exact same word used to descirbe the collection on two other blogs now. The cost is worth it for the quality of drafting you get – I can vouch for it.

  11. That jumpsuit is odd… but at the same time oddly attractive, is it not? Anything is going to look good on a amazonian-limbed sketch though!! I'm really liking the safari style shirt – I think it could be a winner…

  12. Yeah, they definitely are a cut above the standard fair. There was a fabulous article in Vogue patterns magazine this month with an interview with Marfy's founder. I might got back and buy it. But it was interesting because it says Marfy's core selling focus is to tailors and seamstresses who make clothing for people who don't have access to Pret-a-Porter. Makes sense to me.

  13. I hadn't – and thankyou, I think I've just found my new favourite blog! I'm off to stalk her and her AMAZING creations. I've just seen that she was the creator of Marfy which is featured on Susan Khalje's website under 'Student Garments'. I saw that a few weeks back and was blown away (it was one of the first Marfy patterns I bought) so I'm super stoked to see she has a blog!!! Now if only she'll be doing one of the SK courses I'm doing later this year – her workmanship is AMAZING! Thanks Jen!

  14. Glad to hear you got a giggle ;) Luckily, I have plenty of reason for fancy dresses and suit jackets. I just need to raise the bar of my sewing skills to give these wonderful patterns justice!

  15. Fair enough! But… just because I am selfish and I commute to work in a stinky and crowded over the top Tokyo transport, I'd like to see more wearable Pret-a-Porter and less of a glam and Hollywood type of patterns (◎_◎;)

  16. Just wanted to make a comment about jumpsuits. Do give them a wide berth – they are a disaster to wear for any length of time, because at some point you are going to need to go to the bathroom…get my drift? Disaster. I made my mother make me a jumpsuit when I was 17, back in the day, and it cured me of jumpsuits for life.

  17. I agree with Paola about jumpsuits, but for slightly different reasons. In order for the jumpsuit to not look oversized they have to be fitted closely through the rear. However if you want to sit down in a closely fitted jumpsuit, one runs the risk of performing a self hysterectomy. It can hurt. If you are going somewhere and just want to stand around with a martini glass (with or without a foot long cigarette holder) looking glamourous, a jumpsuit can be perfect. Just keep standing. Don't ever sit.

  18. hehe – don't worry Paola – jumpsuits will remain very firmly in my imagination, and not in my real life wardrobe!! I'm hearing what you're saying, and nodding all the way. Thanks for the giggle :)

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