SewcieTea is coming…


When is a pun too much?

Apparently… when you have two of them in the space of a single word with three syllables. Confusion has been abound, brought to my attention via Twitter. And fair enough, I say. So in the always important interest of correct pronunciation:

SewcieTea ≈ ‘Society’ 
And speaking of which, there’s only 7 days to go everyone, and this time next week we will all be prancing about in self-sewn clothes that make us feel fabulous, all ready to enjoy some champagne, tea and sweet deliciousness with 28 other sewing enthusiasts. And what would a catchup like this be without at least one interstate visitor? Yep, it’s all happening at the Gables on the 14th of April.
Thanks to you all so much for RSVPing, it makes organising an event like this so much easier. I’ve organised name tags for everyone (magnetic of course – no fabric will be harmed during the course of our luncheoning) as there will be plenty of newcomers.


If you’re not joining us and you want to be included… send me some pictures of you in your SewcieTea frock (poppykettle at gmail dot com) and I’ll include you in the Extravaganza!

See you all next week! x



  1. I still haven't made my dress! AAARRRGGGHHH! Guess what I'll be doing over the next week – if I can work out which pattern to make up, that is!

  2. I really want to come along! Can you have the next one in Birmingham (UK) please? Pretty please with a cherry on the top…?

  3. Gaah! My skirt isn't attached to my bodice and there is lace everywhere and I don't have shoes to match!!!!!!*sigh*. I'm going to need extra champers

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