You’ve got Mail: Marfy Patterns

You know the deal – if you can’t spend time actually physically sewing, then you’re either daydreaming about sewing, or buying more fabric and patterns (which you don’t have time to sew with). Because it’s the next best thing, right?!

A while back I decided on a whim (read: sewing drought) to order the 2013-14 Marfy Catalogue. I love their patterns, and I want to start sewing with them more, so having this as both a picture catalogue and a reference guide (their line drawings are incredibly accurate and very helpful during construction) should come handy. I was also frustrated that with their new website design that came online earlier this year, they seemed to offer a much smaller collection of their patterns online compared to releases from previous years. Many from previous years have disappeared even – although this could be because they’ve sold out. So it would seem I have completely succumbed to their ingenious business plan to sell more catalogues. They also had a half price special on their 2009 catalogue, the patterns for which are no longer stocked but from which you can still get if they have them in your size. So I got that too.

After a few pleasant evenings pouring through them both with some post-it notes to tag the ones I liked, I managed to weedle it down to those that I loved. This is what I ordered! FYI, the images below have been either scanned from the Marfy catalogues, or obtained from their website.


F1881 is a skirt with a corset-cut waistline. It reminds me of the stunning blue Burda skirt sewn by Marina from Frabjous Couture, and it also seems like a nice and easy start to try working with spiral steel boning.


F2034 is a halter-neck dress with gathers at the bust and waistline. Actually, what spurred me to purchase this is the fact that I think the bodice would translate fabulously into one-piece swimsuit. I even have the perfect fabric stashed for it… Are you seeing it too?


F3064 is a dress with a chiffon yoke and some really unusual asymmetrical seam lines, buttons and pocket detailing. I’m a sucker for patterns with interesting seam lines. The pose this sketched model is pulling off and her hair reminds me of Rachel from House of Pinheiro! :)


F3079 is a skirt will gills! That’s what I think of when I see it, anyway :) I love the detailing, but the uneven lengths not so much. As that’s easily drafted out of the picture, I’m cool with that. It could make a great high-waisted denim skirt paired with tights for winter…


F3118 is a draped neck top. Simple, yet effective and I’m loving that v-seamline at the front.


F3148 is a serious contendor to be sewn up at Susan Khalje’s couture sewing school course later this year. I have a bubble skirt in a similar shape to the one here, and I rather like it on me.


F3152 has some seriously fabulous points of interest going on, and I think that with the right fabrics, could be made into a very wearable summer dress. We’ll see!


F3157 = Love. Also a serious contender to be sewn up at the couture sewing school course. Another addition to my fantasy wardrobe. Thank goodness I have a few weddings coming up to wear this fantasy wardrobe to!


F3158 is a really simplistic princess seamed sheath dress with a gorgeous v-neckline at the back. This could be a hugely versatile work dress (perfect for wearing with cardigans due to the lack of sleeves) for when I eventually transition back into a city-based office.


F2547 is a knit sheath dress with really cool sunburst style darts coming from the waistline. It’s going to be a goal of mine to find an appropriate border print knit and matching belt trim for this whilst in New York later this year.


F2940 will be the first thing I sew up from this pattern delivery (in fact, I’ve already started on it!) – it looks like a perfect winter dress and I’m considering it a bit of a palette cleanser after a few frustrating challenging projects, so here’s hoping this will be relatively easy. You’ll be reading more about this VERY soon.


F2758, a shirt-dress with a difference. Fabric choice would be paramount here to get the yoke fold to behave correctly, but it could be so amazing! I’m also considering this as a contender for couture sewing school….


F3093, a casual fitted shirt. Is that a curved back yoke and centre-back seam I spot? Oh yes.

F2745 (dress) and F2422 (Jacket)
F2745 (dress) and F2422 (Jacket)

F2745 and F2422 – I bought both the jacket and the dress for this combination, and I’m still tossing up whether or not to sew up this jacket over a dress at the couture sewing school. What, that makes for four things in the running? Something tells me I’ll make them all up in calico to take with me and decide the night before the class starts…


F9414 – I fell in love with this upright collar jacket the moment I saw it. I already have both fabric and lining for it, but doubt I’ll get the chance to tackle it this year. The single teeny tiny and grainy picture I have of it just doesn’t do it justice…


And the piece de la resistance – F2924 (from their Autumn/Winter 2012-13 collection) – to me this screams tailoring in a structural boiled wool, and it totally reminds me I haven’t one single sewing plan that involves tailoring this year. I also predict a glut of tailoring next year to make up for it.

Any favourites for you?


  1. Oh it’s so true, if I’m not sewing I’m look at fabric/sewing blogs/patterns hehe. I have never looked at a Marfy pattern before but I love their line drawings. I’d quite happily add that first skirt to my collection and the jacket 2422. Nice selection :)

    1. Glad to know it’s not just me. Seriously, if my imagined sewing-scapades were to become reality, my real life wardrobe would rival my fantasy-pinterest wardrobe… hehe. Thanks Mel! :)

  2. I love my catalog, and I’m looking forward to making a few selections when I get back from my holiday. I agree completely about spending time thinking about sewing whenever I can’t do the real thing!

    Love your selections, so many lovely dresses. Interesting (to me) that the ones you have chosen have so few overlaps with the ones I want! Though F2940 is very high up my list, too.

    Can’t wait to see how you interpret the designs!

    1. Oh really!!! Oh I’d love to know whats on your radar! Do tell ;)
      I started sewing up 2940 at the beginning of the week, and whilst I haven’t got to the fitting stage yet, it’s been good fun. That fitted shirt is going to have to wait a while…

  3. I love all of Marfy, but alas their patterns do not come small enough for me. I think the drawings really draw you in. I have a couple of catelogues from a few years back and keep them for inspiration. I really, really love that last jacket and I am sure I have just the right fabric…..

    1. hehe – glad you like that last one as much as me! Their drawings are both fascinating from a visual perspective, but once I actually tried sewing one of their patterns, I was amazed at how close those sketches are to the real thing. They obviously put a lot of effort into them, given they’re the only thing between you, the pattern and the finished garment. I suppose they’re much cheaper than doing a photo shoot. They doo seems to have a fairly limited range of sizes though, I had wondered about that. If you’re not into grading, then it really would be too much hassel. What’s the fabric you’ve got in mind?

    1. You definitely do. I’d love to see how that panelled dress turns out! I’m not usually one to wish the time away, but I’m going to Baltimore in September this year, and I can’t wait!

  4. Ooo that F3148 is gorgeous, I just wish I had the boobs to pull of that plunging neckline. ha I can’t wait to see your version of F2940! Also can I just say that’s it’s really annoying that they don’t have actual names? I feel like I’m speaking robot or something. haha

    1. Yeah, it’s rather clinincal in a way, isn’t it? I do rather like that it’s all about the pattern though, and everything else (packaging and no-name) is toned down in comparison to what we see the Independants doing (delicious packaging and even-more-delicious names). The more I look at F3148, the more I’m loving it…

  5. Your first para really sums me up too! Now that you mention it, I so see the halter neck dress as a swim suit. The second last jacket, F9414, is talking to me. But alas, it’s all about tops, tops and more long sleeve tops for me at the moment. I’m seriously lacking in the winter tops department and I can’t bring myself to buy them! Focus Anna, focus…

    1. Practical sewing is so satisfying at the end of the day though – being able to pull on basics that you’ve made yourself is wonderful. I desperately want to get stuck into those jackets, pronto!! Despite me buying heaps of dresses, it’s the Marfy jackets that always speak to me. Thanks Anna :)

  6. I have never heard of Marfy patterns before. Please don’t add something else to my list of things I think I will have time to sew.

    I love your selection of patterns. Are you really planning to sew them all? You = Superwoman!! I can’t wait to see how they turn out.

    1. well… one day! I won’t lie, I’ve got more patterns here than I could safely sew in a year. Some people collect stamps and porcelain dolls, I collect patterns and fabric! hehe :P

  7. I love F2745, F2422, F3148 and the amazing 2924. You should definitely attempt a jacket and dress at Susan’s couture school. Make the most of every minute. I would love to go but have to settle for her crafty’s couture dress classes. I will be looking forward to your blog post. When are you going? It will give me another of those next best things when not sewing, reading about sewing.

    1. You’re right. Why not try both? Even if I get one fitted by her and one half-way complete, I’d still be doing well. Why did I not think of it this way? I’m going in September… :) Thanks Natalie!!

  8. Fun!! I love love love F3157 – even have it on my ‘want’ pinterest board!! Good vision spotting the swimsuit in that dress! I’m partial to 2758 too! Look forward to seeing these girls!

  9. L.O.V.E 3064 and can’t wait to see you make that one up! May even have to buy that one myself. Pattern collecting does have one redeeming feature…insulation against this cold weather we are currently in!

    1. Oh yes. 3064 is totally calling my name, and Im definitely going to tackle it later in the year when the weather turns nice. Yay for pattern collecting/insulation!

    1. I know! It’s criminal… but I actually have another dress in mind for frocktails. I went fabric scoping on the weekend just gone past! haha… I’m terrible!

  10. Every single Marfy pattern that you show here is gorgeous and you have the ability to make any one of them. Just call in sick a few times and you will get them sewn up in no time!!! But I am sure you won’t do that, so just plug away and you will get it done. All this blogging is a big time consumer, so don’t even think about us, your fans and get some serious sewing done. We, your fans can’t wait to see what you make next and we will wait patiently. If you need any spare fabric, I am sure my stash can help you out.

    1. Aww, you’re so sweet! I’ve got a week of time in lieu from work coming up early July Majorie, and I’m going to sew like a demon on every single day of it. I reckon I might be able to churn out one full garment and nearly complete another if I’m lucky. Thanks! :)

  11. oh i seriously hope you get to sewing up many of these patterns! i still haven’t taken the marfy plunge… i need to try them out one of these days. i think f3093 is calling my name…

    1. I know – how fabulous is that shirt! And whilst I’ve been stalking your blog, and not yet commented on the AWESOME shirt you’ve just churned out (secretly I’m feeling guilty for not yet finishing my shirt) I reckon you’d totally be able to do this proud. Thanks Lisa :)

  12. I love Marfy patterns, but the shipping of their catalogue always holds me back…but now I am drooling over your collection. Have fun sewing up that lot!

    1. Yeah, it always put me off, too. But I decided that it was time. Well, actually – I had to get my camera serviced, and it ended up costing a lot less than I had budgeted for. So I spent the balance on the catalogue – so technically it was free… Don’t ever ask me for financial advice, ok?

  13. Nice treat! I like some Marfy patterns but they are just too glamorous for my life-stile. The bubble skirt dress (F3148) is by far my favorite :)

    1. I know what you mean – I’m always over dressed, and I’m cool with that. So many gorgeous patterns… so very little time for sewing! Thanks Inna :)

  14. Far out, how are you ever going to find time to make all these gorgeous clothes?! I’m totally seeing those bathers in the dress bodice. My other favourites are the knit dress F2547 and the jacket F2924. I look forward to seeing your creations :)

    1. Hi Meg! I honestly don’t know. I have a week off work coming up soon (time in lieu, woo!) and I plan to sew like a demon on every day of it. Glad I’m not the only one envisaging bathers from a dress pattern! It’s a bit too booby to be a dress I’d wear in public, really! Now to get sewing…

  15. Daydreaming and planning is half the fun for me! I just don’t have enough time to get to all my ideas, so it satisfies the creative side of my mind that I can’t shut off. Love so many of your choices here, and I agree that halter dress would translate into an amazing swimsuit. I would love to have a Marfy catalogue to flip through for inspiration, but its just a tad expensive for me at this time since I think it will be awhile before I sew a Marfy.

    1. I couldn’t agree more! I love the daydreaming part :) I’m super glad you can see the swimsuit potential of that maxi dress! hehe. I hear you on the expense part… don’t ever ask me for financial advice, ok?

  16. So many interesting-looking patterns! Love your description of the skirt having gills. lol! :P I’ve never really looked at Marfy patterns before!

    1. hehe – gills! I’m thinking I might sew that one up as a winter denim skirt. I could put some brightly colour fabric on the underside of the gills for a little bit of secret detailing… Thanks Jo :)

  17. Marfy patterns definitely always have some interesting style lines! I think that’s why I’m always intrigued by them too. I’m really into some of the more casual pieces you chose here – the jackets (I agree, I need to break out some tailoring projects this fall – I’ve been taking the lazy route!!) that safari-esque shirt with the curved yoke, and that shirtdress (with a difference!) are all favorites of mine. I might even give that shirtdress a try myself…. Thanks for the inspo!

    1. I’m not surprised those are your two favourites – they’re very ‘you’ patterns, and I can totally envisage you rocking them in some kind of a desert photo shoot. Oh right, that was your sparkly moss mini! (which was awesome, btw). Thanks Sallie!

  18. Really beautiful choices – and the dress you have started looks incredible.
    How do you order your Marfy patterns from the catalogue that aren’t listed on the website?

    1. Hi Catherine, Thankyou! I’ve always just emailed them. They’re prompt with both replies and sending out my patterns! Of course, this means you need a credit card to pay for them, though :)

  19. Thanks! I am contemplating doing Susan’s course in Baltimore next year and am trying to cram as much learning into the next six months (including some Marfy patterns). Would love to hear all about your trip once you get back later in the year.

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