Hello, Strangers!

“Hi, my name is Melanie, and it’s been 6 months since I last posted”.

Yep, and about 5 of that have had zero chances to sew. But – our unlivable house is now moderately livable. Sort of. Still a lot of work to do! But the last month has had some productive sewing in it, culminating in a seasonally inappropriate top that is very different to my usual style. I do really love it though. Photos just as soon as I find my missing camera battery charger, and brave the cold! (Some sunshine might be nice too, but I wouldn’t want to be too demanding or anything…)

Just a little seam matching perfection…


I’ve also been working on the French Jacket for my mum. I originally thought having it done for her birthday in early May would has been SO achievable. But that didn’t quite work out, so the new delivery date has been set for early August. Better get my skates on…

Because I’ve also started sewing a new jacket (for me). Marfy 3022!

F3022 SS 2014-15 Jacket

The muslin for it is getting me very excited. Even with no adjustments I really love the proportions. Having been out of sewing practise for so long, and also because this pattern had a rather tricky looking dart/pocket configuration – I went to a lot more effort than I normally would in a muslin.




But that’s all come to a screaming halt, because my usual size 46 is a little on the snug side. After many months of intensive renovating, with a non-functional kitchen and limited time – a continuous succession of bad dietary choices (and an underactive thyroid!) have left me about 6kg’s heavier than at the beginning of the year. So I’m deciding whether to buy the Size 48, or make it as the 46 as by the time I finish it, it will be Spring and I should be back to normal by then. Decisions…

Regardless, it’s so lovely to be back and sewing!!




    1. Thanks Gail :) That jacket pattern had so many new-to-me things in it, and also I wasn’t sure of the style on me (it is a short jacket) so it made sense to me to get an idea of proportions – also having been out of practise for so long means you can have a construction order sorted!

  1. Keep the same size, but make a dirty sizing alteration where you need. You probably don’t do that often, but I do. Sew a scant seam allowance where needed and you’ll get back there. Buying another pattern is too hard and takes too long. Just sew it. :)

  2. Glad to see you back. I’m sure you are happy to have a liveable house! The muslin looks great and was a good way to do a trial run of the pattern. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished creation.

    1. Oh aboslutely Mary – especially having some space back to sew! I’m dying to start work on that jacket… but keep reminding myself I should really finish my mum’s Frenchie first. Sewing for others is tough!

  3. I can see why that jacket excites you – really lovely details! I’m also working on a jacket and since I sew them so infrequently, I will also work out all the construction details in muslin first. It’s the only way to be sure of what I am doing. Looking forward to pictures, and congrats on the new home.

  4. That seam join… divine! For the jacket, can you just add a little to the side seams that could later be taken in? It’s a beautiful pattern, I really love the front seaming! Nice to get a post from you again, hope you find that elusive sewing time!

    1. Hi Lisa! It’s rather lovely, isn’t it! I’m sure I’ll figure out something for that jacket… And after such a long break away, I’m all for making sure the elusive time for sewing is very non-elusive!

  5. Welcome back! Now if you’re smart, you’ll just prolong the making of your mothers jacket by a little bit more, and stealthily turn it into a Christmas present!

    1. And that would be exactly what would happen, were it not for her wanting it for the end of August to take on a cruise! And I just can’t miss a second deadline… haha, Thanks Debbie!

  6. Oh how I’ve missed these sneak peeks into your sewing world!! You really make some of the dreamiest stuff! I’m excited to see yours and your mom’s jacket – and I’m so excited to see what that gorgeous little converging of seams is!!

  7. yay, welcome back! that looks like a great jacket pattern and you could even change it up, longer etc. once you get the fit figured out. Do you need to order a new pattern or can you adjust the one you have? and love those darts/pockets combo. I have a Vogue pattern very similar I have made so many times. I think the 2 vertical darts gives a nice shape in the front.

    1. Hi Beth! I really could probably just adjust the existing pattern – it’s a snug fit all over, even at at the shoulders which leads me to think that is the design of it, seeing as this size has always been a great fit at the shoulders for me. I would have to order another pattern, and to be honest I’m not even sure they make this particular one in a 48! They seem to stop at 46 for a lot of their pattern sizes. The 2 vertical darts at the front give amazing shape!! I’m very smitten with them, especially now I know how to put it together and the seam junctions there don’t seem nearly as scary.

  8. Welcome back! Sometimes life really gets in the way of fun. We renovated a house and I had the same issue, gained weight because we had no kitchen. It’s just easier to grab a fast bite to eat but boy does that pack on the pounds! I’m sure you’ll loose it quickly, so I’d go with your regular size. Plus that will be motivation, right?! :)

      1. Misery loves company, right? Having recently bought and moved into our first house, we hastily ripped out the kitchen. Now two months later, we’re still “camping” — washing dishes in a pail and cooking on the (BBQ rain or shine). We’ve also tried just about every takeout in my city. Thank god I’m not alone in this sewing/reno crisis. Hope it’s soon over for the both of you!

  9. I am so glad to see that you will be returning to your blog. I have had a lot of experience with weight fluctuations, and recommend against either making a jacket that doesn’t fit you now, or making one in a size you are confident is temporary. If I were you, I’d work on my mother’s jacket, and less fitted projects, until I got back to my normal size. If you make the jacket fit you now, it might discourage you from losing weight, or it will soon go to waste. Both options are a lose. If you make it in your usual size, you won’t be able to wear it now, and it may not fit right when you get back to your usual weight, because sometimes our bodies change shape after a weight loss, even though we return to the same weight. So there is a likelihood of things not working out with this plan either. On the other hand, there are lots of things you could sew, which would fit you at either size.

    1. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do, Ann. I’ve got the end of August as the deadline to finish it – so I’ve got a lot of work to do! Then when that’s done I can re-evaluate the jacket if I still need to. As much as I am devastated that I can’t start working on a shiny new project, it is for the best :)

  10. Welcome back! You’ve been missed around here! I can’t wait to hear more about your sewing, and I feel you on the house front. We’ve been living without a kitchen for over a year now. And, there are a million other house projects that also need to get done, but we’re being good and not tackling them just yet since we don’t want to be dealing with too many fronts. Crazy times in the land of new homeowners!

    1. Thanks Amy! Oh my, no kitchen for over a year – how are you handling it?? We don’t have an oven or stove top, but the rest of the kitchen could be considered ‘functional’, and I recently got a little portable induction cook top which really made a difference. It’s definitely best tackling one front at a time though… which is super frustrating when there are so many fronts that need facing up too!!

      1. We’ve been using two induction cook tops and a microwave in our spare bedroom as a kitchen, so it’s not as bad as it seems. We actually have more space in our makeshift kitchen than we ever had in any of our apartment kitchens! It’s just tough washing dishes in the tub!

  11. Welcome back Melanie, looking forward to reading you great posts, which I’ve missed. I sew every day but too busy to post anymore and DD has moved out, so very hard to pin her down for photos. Good luck with the renovating, all worth it, in the end. Your wedding dress inspired me to make a couture dress for Jess, and I loved every moment – thank you for all the info. It takes a lot of time to post, so I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to document. Thank you again!!

    1. So lovely to hear from you, Evelyne! I have been wondering from time to time how you’ve been. If you have any photos of the dress… I would LOVE to see it – email me? (poppykettle at gmail dot com) It’s such an amazing experience, and just a little bit of a shame that we don’t have reason to do it all more often! All the best xx

  12. Congratulation on the house coming together, it will be so wonderful when its livable!
    I love that blouse is going to be lovely, the print will be so beautiful on you.

    The jacket is going to be wonderful! I can’t believe you put welt pockets on a muslin!

  13. Nice to see your post. I must admit in the last pic, your fingernails are blue (mine used to do that too in Melbourne winters), and I imediately thought, geez it’s cold!! I’m really curious to see ‘seam matching perfection ‘, so bring on the sun!

  14. So good to see you again, fully understand the renovating thing (thankfully long ago now but still memories). Your new top looks gorgeous, and the jackets will be amazing I’m sure.

    1. Hi Angela – it’s good to be back. I see that since I last had internet, you’ve made yourself a stunning marfy jacket – it looks amazing!! Nobody does sleeve heads like Marfy do – yours are divine :)

  15. Missed you, Melanie! It’s so difficult to be away from something you love doing, but so wonderful when it can again fill some hours in your life! The jacket muslin looks terrific – those pockets, done well, are no small feat! Looking forward to seeing the blouse/top and more.

  16. I have a solution for your jacket – make it for meeeee! I love it and may have to consider a Marfy pattern after all my self drafted jacket fails. Gorgeous.

  17. Yay, I’m so glad you’re back! I’ve just gotten back to blogging as well, although my hiatus was considerably longer than yours, so don’t feel too bad. I can’t wait to see your latest projects!

    1. Hey, Lara! So very long time and no hear! I see you’ve even had a gorgeous little bub since I last hopped on over to Motivation is Overated :) I hope you’ve been well and I look forward to reading your blog again :)

  18. you will look amazing in this jacket! and when you’ll be finished with all the renovating and have some time for yourself I bet you will fit into your regular size no problem… so take your time and make perfection (as always!)

    1. haha, it’s easy to spot if you know it, right? I don’t think the style really works on me, but I love the top and the fabric so much i’ll wear it regardless. Such a perfect pattern to sew with floaty fabrics (that I so easily am drawn to buying, but find it difficult to pair with practicality!). And I am positively on the edge of my seat waiting for your sister’s wedding dress reveal – on the edge of my seat, I say!

      1. I’ll bet it looks great with some of your slim trousers! I’m not sure it looks great on me, either, but it’s just such a cool pattern. I can’t wait to share but am at the mercy of the photographer!

  19. Hmmmm, that seam junction isn’t Vogue 1247 by any chance? Maybe not – the fabric looks like it might have too much body. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. I rarely pump out a blog post these days. I keep up with my blog reading though so I never lose touch! Welcome back.

    1. You’ve a keen eye, Bernice! I think for anyone who’s sewn 1247 – it would be instantly recognisable :) My fabric isn’t as slinky as perhaps many others’ version of this top it, but I absolutely love the result. Lovely to hear from you! :)

  20. I am so glad you’re back Melanie! And I have the same problem with the fluctuating weight. I wish it were that easy to drop off those extra pounds that sneak up on you. Good luck with your thyroid, sorting out the house and I’m looking forward to seeing your beautiful jacket in colour. :) Sending you happy healthy karma.

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