V1549: Feel like a woman – wear a dress!

Picture 9

Well, my 1970’s Diane Von Furstenberg wrap is finito. I love it! I feel so… elegant wearing it. Which is bizarre because I usually always feel some degree of awkwardness when I’m out and about in public. But that’s probably just because I’m a rather awkward person.

Picture 11

Maybe it’s the swishy skirt?

Picture 10

Or maybe DVF was really onto something in her caption on the back of the pattern envelope – ‘Feel like a woman, wear a dress’ (should we change ‘wear’ to ‘make’…?)

Picture 10a

You’ll note I ended up leaving it at the original pattern length, rather than modernise the thing by making it shorter. Perhaps a tad frumpy old-fashioned, but I actually rather like it.

Picture 8

Thanks boys, you really made my day :)

Picture 12


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