The Marfy SS 2012/2013 Collection


I’ve been stalking the Marfy website at least twice a day for about 3 weeks now, and finally it’s here…. yay! What I mean is – Marfy have been kind enough to grace us with pictures (and the ability to order them without having the catalogue) of a small selection patterns from their Spring Summer 2012/2013 collection.

The themes are ‘minimalism’ and ‘romanticism’, which suit me fine. I would say I was a bit concerned at the reference to the 80’s… but I’ve recently acquired a few patterns from this era that I really like (one coming very soon to a blog post near you!) so I’ll keep quiet on that score…


2748 – A sheath dress with a cross-draping motif. Looks like it would be rather low cut, but I still adore it!


2827 – A dress with cap sleeves and some draping at the waistline. Depending on your fabric choice – this could be something rather dressy or casual.

F2422 (dress) and F2745 (jacket)

I am absolutely purchasing that pleated jacket pattern. and the sleeveless dress looks gorgeous as well – I’ve got a bit of a thing for square necklines at the moment!


This sweetheart neckline dress (2758) is fabulous and the second I saw it I thought it would be perfect for Natalie! (of Splatastic fame)


This is actually the first time I’ve see a loosely styled jacket from Marfy, and I’m loving the aesthetic (although such a thing would never suit my shape). Both the dress and raglan sleeve jacket look very art-deco inspired, don’t you think?

Both of these two dresses (F2803 and F2852 respectively) have interesting design features with folds and panels. Probably neither would be worn by me, but lovely none-the-less.

The pictures above are my personal favourites from the patterns released online. Unfortunately – if you want to see the whole collection you’ll need to purchase their catalogue, which is 18 euro plus postage and always comes with a few freebies.

If you’re lucky like me and live nearby Tessuti, you can browse the catalogue which they carry, and then order as you please directly from the Marfy website. I only just recently found this out though, so the other day I went in an spent a very pleasurable lunch time browsing the 2011/2012 catalogue. Here’s a few not featured online that I’m in love with (please excuse the dodgy iPhone photos):

F2470 – A form-fitting asymmetrical dress with a loose skirt that has crossed draping, creating a sash at the waistline and which comes together at the side with an open vent at the bottom. Definitely my favourite – this would look stunningly slinky in a drapey jersey.

F2559 – I particularly love the art-deco-esq detail at the front of this loose blouse and the loose sleeves – although I’d probably change it to be more form-fitting to suit my body shape. 


F2570 – Check those awesome semi circle lines on the coat! I was planning to make a trench coat this winter… but I could easily be swayed to to do this instead! Especially as I’m seeing potential plus for colour-blocking. I’ve got a khaki coloured canvas stashed away safely for the trench-coat-to-be – and now I’m seeing this matched with some gem-toned fabrics to make a big feature!

F2606 – Cut it out! Another fabulous foundation pattern for something that could be either simple or spectacular, depending on the fabric choice. Especially when you consider that divinely shaped back neckline.

I’m off to do some pattern ordering :)



  1. Wow – these designs are amazing! I love all of your picks but especially F2745 jacket – that is absolutely lovely. And I really hope you make the F2570 coat – it sounds like it would be stunning. Marfy is one of those pattern companies where I always really love what I see, but it is so hard to find information about the patterns that I don't actually own any. But after seeing these designs, definitely something I should consider for the future…

  2. Yep – 2745 and 2570 (and a few others) are now safely on their way to me! I agree with you on Marfy… they are a tad daunting simply because of the lack of information out there. I'm hoping I can change that and bring people over to them if I sew enough of their patterns! :)

  3. I laughted out loud when I read that you had been stalking the Marfy site…. Lol!!! I sometimes stalk the Tessuti site for new fabrics….:) I love the Marfy Collection too…. I went to have a look at the new collection on thier site before replying…. I guess we will be seeing some of these made up on here soon…:) Do you buy from the Marfy Site direct?? Just curious as I have been contemplating this for some time… Just wondered about the experience??? It is such a pain that the Vogue / Mccauls site won't post Marfy to Aus….Anyway thanks for letting me know the new collection is out….:) hope you are having a great evening!Lou xx

  4. I have been stalking Marfy as well and love their designs. The lack of instructions and pattern layout doesn't bother me but I have one issue that has stopped me ordering…I usually sew a size 8 in BMV and am concerned that being height and bust challenged, the 42 (close to a BMV 12) will be too big. I will be interested to follow your experiences and see how closely the sizing matches the BMV sizes and the amount of pattern ease that is built in.

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