Pattern Review Jeans Comp – Runners Up!

Well low and behold – it would seem my Turquoise Terror Jeans have landed runner’s up in the Pattern Review Jeans Competition! To those who voted for me – thank you so much for support!

They even were the most viewed review on PR for a short time!

It would appear I’ve won a $50 voucher over at Fashion Fabrics Club. This definitely brought a smile to my face – who can turn down an offer of more fabric? Totally stoked!

A big congratulations to the talented seamstress sfshaza of Communing with Fabric for her win with jeans pattern from French pattern company Au Bonheur des Petites Mains :)



  1. Congratulations, I voted for you and I still think you should have won :) And speaking of jeans I just finished a gray pair that I am really digging. Yay jeans!

  2. Congratulations Mel….! I saw this last night on PR….. I totally don't get how the winning one got there… I wouldnt wear those jeans in a fit!!! They didnt even have a real fly????? Yours definitely deserved to win! Totally loved them!! And you were so brave to put your but out there!!!!! :) But yay for a fabric voucher! Can't wait to see your next project! :) Lou xx

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