F2465: Caramel Slice Marfy

F2465 Marfy Top 26

I had whole-heartedly intended this top to be a sorbetto. Not many days pass when I don’t see someone sporting a new version of this nifty and versatile little tank. It even had the balls to push the Big 4 out and claim the #2 spot in Pattern Review’s Best Patterns of 2012 – the first time an Independent Pattern has made it onto this list! Nice work Colette Patterns. 

F2465 Marfy Top 27

But when I made it up in calico, I just couldn’t see myself wearing it. According to the 12 shapes of Trinny and Susannah, I’m a Goblet, (You can take their quiz here, then check out the recommendations for your shape here), which means no clothes with baggy midsections for me. And the Sorbetto was super baggy on me – even with alterations. 

So I took my trusted Marfy pattern (2465) and re-drew the front pattern piece to make it without the front pleating, added in some bust darts and presto – the Marfy that looks kinda like a sorbetto…

…but named the Caramel Slice because I made the rooky error of gobbling down the most amazing piece of caramel slice EVER (lovingly made by Mr. poppykettle of course) at the same time as trying to sew a seam. Unfortunately this meant my fabric came into contact with the delicious delight in my hand. Though I am rather pleased that my fagotting withstood a spin in the washing machine!

F2465 Marfy Top 28

The fabric of choice? A stretch yellow cotton from Tessuti. This pattern definitely does work better with a more drapey fabric, rather than something as structured as this. But it’s still wearable. I was absolutely blown away by Lizz’s fagotted sorbetto with pleats, which you can see here on her blog, A Good Wardrobe. So this top is an ode-to-Lizz! Imitation is the highest form of flattery?

F2465 Marfy Top 31

F2465 Marfy Top 30

I used the same off-white rayon seam binding on the insides, which I love the look of. 

Hand sewing this seam was a very relaxing experience – you can see my 101 on how to do your own hand-sewn fagotting here

F2465 Marfy Top 29



  1. It is fantastic! I love the fagotting stitch. I've made 3 sorbettos, but my last one is not very wearable – it is too baggy and makes me look much larger than I am.

  2. Really? All the ones I've seen you in have always looked lovely. I just couldn't see myself wearing the sorbetto, thank goodness for muslins!

  3. Yeah, it was interesting – I've never watched them (Trinny and Susannah) much on TV but from what I have seen, they've always done really well with their makeovers. A friend sent me the link – and the results resonated with me, so I'm happy to take on the advice!

  4. Thanks! I made a white one recently that I haven't blogged about for that reason. The other ones are great though.

  5. Am really loving 'yellow' at the minute. This colour and design really suits you. I've just learn another stitch – thank you.

  6. The yellow is perfect for you and the beginning of spring. I love the fagotting and have been dying to try your tutorial you posted not long ago.

  7. I love how romantic a fagotted seam looks – and just the teensiest tiniest peek-a-boo of flesh! Great top! Looks like it will get a lot of wear!I'm going to go take that shape quiz now… although I always find those sorts of things slightly depressing (when will one of them tell me I'm an hourglass and NOT an apple?!?)

  8. Couldn't agree more Sallie – less is more (when it comes to flesh baring in normal everyday life).You have a figure to die for Sallie – so no need to stress over some silly little quiz ;) hehe

  9. My favorite thing about this cute top is the color – that yellow is just spectacular on you. And, of course, the beautiful fagotting, plus the elegant neckline make it very pretty, too.Nice work!

  10. ooooh I love that center detail! and the color!I looked at that quiz link – man, some of those descriptors are harsh – I don't think I've ever heard someone described as a brick or a skittle. What shape would a skittle be anyway? A circle???

  11. I guess I'm a cornet. So, apparently in 3/4 sleeves (which I'm wearing right now) I look like a gorilla in a shrunk top! The fagotting is beautiful! And so is the lovely neck and shoulder line.

  12. It's gorgeous! That color on you is beautiful and I love the neckline. I'm so flattered you like my blouse. After I made my sorbetto, I wanted to do fagotting on everything! It was quite fun.

  13. I love that you are blogging your experience with the Marfy patterns. I've bought a few last year and have a few on my wish list this year. Like you, I've found very little blogged about the sewing experience. So thank you and fair warning…I'm following you. :D

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