Class of 2012

Ack. End of the year already? I’ve been doing a stash and pattern stocktake to try and document what I have so I actually know what I have. And whilst I was at it, I thought I’d share who (or more appropriately – ‘what’) rose to the top of the class, and who just didn’t make the grade.

Patterns Owned vs Items Made
Dresses 37 vs 5
Tops 13 vs 8
Blazers/Jackets 5 vs 2
Coats 5 vs 1
Skirts 8 vs 5
Pants 4 vs 2
Shorts 3 vs 1
Other Patterns 17 vs 0

A total of 24 garments vs 92 patterns – numbers befitting a prolific pattern purchaser rather than the prolific sewist I thought I was! 

After tallying my patterns, I did a fabric stocktake. I now have a spreadsheet with every single piece of fabric I own, it’s dimensions and fibre details – which totals 82.6m of fabric, not including scraps and calico. It will be my goal in 2013 to get this as close to 50m as possible! As I was counting and measuring – I noticed something very interesting. The fabric I sew with is the fabric I buy in a physical shop, where I’ve had the tactile experience before purchasing. Nearly all the fabric I’ve got left over is from online shopping. Whilst the majority of the fabric I buy is bought with a pattern in mind, it would seem my online purchases are taking longer to materialise into finished garments. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on this realisation!

But firstly lets look at the sewing Class of 2013:

THE DUX: V8739
Also known as – The Vogue Suit. Specifically – the jacket. Sure, the matching skirt gets a fair bit of wear too, but I find myself reaching for that jacket without even really thinking whether it be for the office or weekends in jeans. The wool is soft and malleable, the colour suits almost everything I own, and I just find the design generally very flattering on me. I’m tempted to make it again this coming winter just because of that… but I’m not sure on that yet.

V8739 and V8543 9

The Appropriately Floral Peony. I’ve worn this so much recently that I should probably introduce some kind of regulation around wearing vs washing. Meh. This dress rocks. 


My Baby It’s Cold Outside Coat would easily come third in this most-worn-during-2012 contest. The reasons are obvious enough that I won’t state them here. Those curved welt pockets nearly did get the better of me though – if only I had seen Sham’s tutorial on them before I started out!


Happy to go about its everyday business without much in the way of accolades, we have the loversandhaters tee. Worn excessively all throughout my South America travels, and pulled out regularly since. It’s been around and it knows exactly what went down.

NL6735 4

THE SURVIVOR: Pattern Runway’s Sweet Shorts
Named thus mainly because I spent the entire 6 days in the Galapagos puking my guts up as well as wearing these shorts. Like Amy Blunt said – “I’m just one stomach flu away from my ideal weight”. Surely it’s perverse that I’m looking at that photo and admiring how flat my stomach is. Maybe one day I’ll be free of the pressure to confirm to societies ideal, but I’m not there yet. Baby steps people, baby steps. 


So what didn’t work, and why? Two things pop into mind – the first being my Caramel Slice Marfy. Don’t get me wrong, I love this top. But I chose the wrong fabric for it – IRL the crumple-factor and general stiffness of the stretch cotton I used doesn’t suit it. Gah. To rub salt in the wounds, it even photographs beautifully. Shame, because I really love the fagotting and pleats at the front!

F2465 Marfy Top 26

The second miss is my Crewel drop Vintage Top. I’m entirely to blame here – a lesson learning in making sure you stay-stitch curved edges so they don’t stretch out. You can kinda see it just above the stitching – but the angle in this photo distorts it a little (for the better). Probably doesn’t look like much, but it’s permanently in my peripheral vision and it annoys the living daylights out of me.

M6125 1

It’s gotta be my Anniversaire Amour Dress. I love this dress.

Unfortunately, so did the chocolate cake Mr poppykettle ate at his Christmas party, because he dropped it on me. This precious number is currently at the dry cleaners and I’m too terrified to pick it up to find out whether or not it’s made it to the other side, or if Mr poppykettle owes me another pleated skirt.

On that note, what the hell is it with me and food and the clothing I make? You must think I’m some kind of grovelling grot. Not so – we just love our food!


In other exciting news, I’ll be moving house in the first week of 2013!! It’s super crazy exciting because it means I WILL HAVE A SEWING ROOM. We’re going to rent out our unit and become tenants again, and I’m so over the moon I’ve already bought a proper sewing machine table thing and am currently hunting down a dress form. It’s like all my Christmases have come at once :)

And on that note, I’ll leave you all be until the New Year. Take Care :)



  1. Great post. 24 garments sewn is still 2 a month – not a bad tally – especially with the complexity of some of them.Enjoy your sewing room and dress form.

  2. Great take on 2012! There are some beauties amongst that list of 24 handmade creations. Fingers crossed for success with the skirt cleanup – what a waste of chocolate cake from Mr. P.Crazy time of year to move – good luck and can't wait to see the sewing room set up…J…

  3. What a collection – all amazing and in a year – WOW!! Great news that you'll have your own sewing room – I guess that means you'll be sewing even more lovely things. Have fun moving, wishing you a very happy and successful 2013!!

  4. An excellent year! My favourite is still your trench coat. It's so polished and classy and looks a million bucks. Looking forward to seeing all your 2013 creations born from your brand new sewing room. Congratulations and good luck with the move!

  5. I so hope the dress with the pleated skirt survives! Interesting about the fabric bought online vs in person. I am really wary of buying fabric online because I find it hard to judge weight and drape and that can be critical to a successful project. I'm kind of tempted to count my patterns now but I suspect I wouldn't like the answer!

  6. Oh I love that vintage crewel top. Is there anyway to fix the edge? It's so unique. I also hope the chocolate cake comes out of that skirt. That dress is beautiful!

  7. I'm always impressed by the styles you choose. The suit is an absolute knock-out! How amazing to make something that fits so well AND gets worn a lot.Can't wait to see what you make in your NEW SEWING ROOM (it deserves all caps).x

  8. I'm not game to count the number of patterns I have versus the ones I've used, when I buy patterns and fabric I tend to forget that I have a job and a family that eat into my sewing time! I hope that the chocolate cake comes out (love that dress) and good luck with your move – having your own sewing room is fantastic.

  9. I hope the anniversary dress survives! I also loved your suit. Can't wait to see what you do in 2013 in your own sewing room!I will not count or tally. I'm sure my stats are far worse than yours! ;-)

  10. You've had a great year! What beautiful makes! And I think you're doing pretty well in the pattern-to-make ratio – I'm sure mine is much worse. I'd be a little terrified to take inventory of my fabric stash, but I really should. Kudos to you for being so organized! And enjoy your new sewing room, I'm so jealous!

  11. What a fabulous year. All the garments, even the drop outs look great! I can not believe you have entered all your fabric stash into a spreadsheet. How organised are you? Have fun sewing your way through it!

  12. I am so jealous of your jacket… I'm going to aspire to making one…but maybe in 2014!Are you shocked by the dress to other pattern ratio going on?

  13. Geez that pleated dress is pretty. Fingers crossed the dry cleaning works it magic! Good luck for the move, and OMG you're getting a sewing room – I will sew from kitchen in muchos jealousy mode.

  14. what a great year for you! i love your mix of the fun and fabulous along with the everyday workers. and YAY for your own sewing room!!! it was a life changer when i got mine last year. and fingers crossed that your beautiful dress comes back from the cleaners okay… i would be devastated!

  15. I can see why your Peony gets worn so often! And your jackets are really quite impressive, I love that trench.I might have a similar pattern purchase to finished garment ratio to you. And while I'm totally fine with how many garments I've made, I am trying to cut back on unnecessary pattern purchases! It's hard to resist the sales. :)

  16. What a fabulous sewing year for you! Your made some really great pieces. I will keep my fingers crossed for your anniversary dress, and I can't wait to see what your new sewing space looks like!

  17. So. Much. Awesome. What a stash of fabulous makes! There are some real gems here- and I love the fact that ou have catalogued your patterns and stash. That appeals to my Virgo side ;)

  18. Congratulations on your move! A personal sewing room is a life changer! Talking about patterns, I've stopped buying them and decided to draft more myself. To be fair, most of the industrial or even indie patterns are quite repetitive. Drafting can be so much fun! Very Happy New year to you and hope to see lots of lovely garments in 2013!

  19. Well now I know my stash size, I won't be buying online for a while methinks!! I certainly thought that realisation was curious, especially as I love buying fabric (online or in real life). Fingers cross for the pleated dress!

  20. Just a little. It's the one that's most out of whack! Probably because I love the idea of dresses, but I don't really get to wear the kind of things I'd like to sew as often as I'd like. Ah well!

  21. I'm with you there. To be honest, I have pretty much everything I want in terms of design lines – newly issues patterns have done little to tempt me in the past 6 or so months. Except for Marfy – I really LOVE their stuff. I commend you on the drafting… It's something I'd like to try eventually!

  22. I seriously love your jacket and trench! Definitely great pieces. Goodluck with the move and if you're still hunting for a dress form, have you heard of Lady Valet? I got one for myself for Christmas. Absolutely awesome. Made in the UK, just a lovely piece of furniture to display too. If you have access to an ABN you can buy from this Melb company for wholesale price. ( new year!

  23. I love that dress too and am crossing my fingers that the chocolate comes out. What a fabulous year of sewing you have had. I have recently received the 'One Lovely Blog Award / The Very Inspiring Blogger Award' and would like to pass it on to you for your fab blog. Happy New Year!

  24. What an inspiring roundup! I think my pattern stats would be worse than yours but I don't fret about it as I like to think I 'collect' patterns in the same way people collect stamps/spoon/china pigs etc. And at least I use some of my patterns where a stamp collector would never lick their stamps!

  25. Wow you are seriously amazing! My favourites are definitely the Baby It's Cold Outside coat, the Sweet Shorts, and your Amour Dress. Amazing. Look out 2013! Sam xox

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