Marfy Autumn/Winter 2012-2013 Collection

It’s that time of the year again… where I lurk and refresh the Marfy website every couple of hours in the faintest hope they have uploaded the latest patterns of the season like they said they would. I even checked multiple times on the weekend. Good thing I did, because they uploaded the range yesterday!

Moving away from my lame-ness – here are some of my favourites :)

Of course being a winter collection, there were plenty of coats – and I LOVE both having and wearing coats! The lines of F2888 (left) are gorgeous and I really like the simplicity of the neckline and the curved front hem. The raglan sleeves of F2918 (right) looks like it’s stolen a lot of aspects of the traditional trench and catapulted it into something more modern, I love the yoke treatment at the back:

There is also no shortage of long-sleeved stretch dresses with a bit of waist definition – a style I really like and feel comfortable wearing. The draped neckline on the sheath dress (F2940, left) designed for stretch fabric (I’m thinking ponti knit) looks like it would be comfortable, flattering, warm for winter and office appropriate too. F2935 (right) is similar, but I might be transferring that front split to the back were I to make it!

The mod sheath dress (F2917, left) is something straight out of the 70’s, and I love it! It almost has a bit of Chinese Cheongsam styling with the neckline treatment too. The keyhole style neckline at the front of F2924 is really different, and could make a great biker-jacket interpretation:

I’m currently grappling with fitting a vintage dress pattern with kimono sleeves – so the emergence of several patterns with this type of sleeve piqued my curiosity, like this draped neckline sheath dress that reminded me of a more practical version of Stella McCartney’s Miracle Dress (F2940, left) and the jacket (F2930, right):

I like the idea of the draped hooded top of F2913 (left) being used for sportswear, and the v-neck top (F2879, right) has mass appeal for comfortable everyday wear:

I’ve just started work on one of the nine patterns I ordered from them this week, and it’s a LOT more complex that the pleated-front blouse I made from them back in January. More on that to come real soon. 

Have you tried a Marfy pattern yet? You know you want too!!



  1. Marfy is the one company where I *really* like the designs of the patterns but I haven't bought any yet. I do love your picks from the new collection though! I really do want to try a Marfy, but I also know I have a bunch of sewing magazines heading my way from Europe soon, and I already have so many patterns that I don't think I can justify the cost of Marfy especially if I am getting it just for stashing. I think maybe one day I will go on a crazy Marfy binge and buy a lot of them, but for right now I just sit back and oooh and ahhh.

  2. Yeah, they get me down too. But I love the feeling of finally getting it, then running down the home stretch until its done. So it (almost) balances out :P

  3. Every time I see Marfy patterns shared I always think I must check them out and I really must check them out still! You look like you have lots of fun projects ahead of you!

  4. I'm not experienced enough yet to attempt a pattern without instructions but I really like a lot of these styles! Maybe one day :)

  5. Hi Irem! No, I'm lucky enough that one of my local fabric stores buys the catalogue, so I just pop in to leaf through it and take note of the pattern numbers I want to order. The catalogues generally include 4-6 free patterns, but the rest you then have to order on top of that. Estimating off the top of my head, the catalogues have over 50 patterns shown in them. Hope this helps :)

  6. I absolutely love F2940… I'd love to see your version, if you make one!Does your job allow you to wear dresses to work? Or would they be too inconvenient? The hard fact of working on a construction site is the only thing stopping me from having a wardrobe full of dresses :-)

  7. Not really – I work in construction too (at least, at the moment) so dresses are currently out of the question. But I adore F2940, so maybe I'll make it anyway! :)

  8. OH MY! You've just added so many to my Wish List right now! I find it really difficult to be inspired by page after page of their stylised drawings, but absolutely love so many ideas you've pulled out here. I tried a Marfy pattern once a few years ago, but ordered a size that was way too big, so I didn't really have a good experience. I'd like to order a catalogue for the free patterns to get the sizing right, and then try it again…

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