F2570: Marfy on my Mind and my Mind on my Marfy

It must be the week of Marfy… because not only have I been able to get excited about their Autumn/Winter collection release (blogged here), I also received my pattern haul from them (after a significant kerfuffle with Australia Post who originally lost it. Nice work there, Aus Post). So, all my sewing projects have come to an abrupt halt because of this:

It’s from their 2011/2012 catalogue (sadly not available online) and it’s just what I’m after in a coat. The little english description under it says:

“This form fitting coat has a double wrap with arched cuts trimmed in leather, patent leather or velvet. It has pockets set parallel, a rounded sporty collar and strip cuffs. Suggested fabrics: plain fabric, vicuña, cashmere”.

Well, at least thanks to my time in Peru, I actually know what Vicuña is (the little squiggle on top of the N means you add a Y after it, so the word is pronounced vick-oon-ya). Until I saw this I was intending to make the iconic McCall’s 5525 trench coat, so I’m hoping the lovely oatmeal coloured canvas I bought for this will be enough. And to stick it to the super dreary weather Melbourne is experiencing right now, I’m thinking of using some of the left over stretch yellow cotton from this top (Marfy, of course) for the contrast arched trims, but I’m not 100% on this yet. We’ll see. Whatever it ends up being, it will be bright!

By golly gosh does this coat has big shoes to fill. I’ve had a green Trench-coat from Jigsaw in winter wardrobe circulation for a few years now which I just adore:

Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown, New Zealand

I bought it back in 2009 because I was travelling to Iran and needed a coat-like garment that covered my backside and thighs. It ended up being a lot warmer than I thought so it only got one or two days wear before I bought an inexpensive, lightweight royal-blue Chinese-made version: 

(and some gratuitous holiday snaps if you don’t mind). I also borrowed a manteau which is basically just a form-less shift great for warm weather (but still ‘modest’).

Since then that green trench has travelled with me to 3 other countries (Jordan, Israel and New Zealand) and been witness to countless events that will one day be stories for the grand kids… But after four winters in circulation, I’m kinda getting sick of wearing it. Surprisingly, it’s still in completely wearable condition – a testament to Jigsaw quality I suppose. 

Has anyone else got a favourite garment that even after years of wear still gets pulled out regularly? And more importantly, have you been able to replace said beloved item when it finally reaches the end of its tenure? Do tell !



  1. Ooh, I love the looks of that pattern! And your green trench is super cute! I have a peacoat that I got on the cheap that I LOVE– it's totally beat to shit, but has such a perfect cut that I can't bear to get rid of it (but I also can't bring myself to replace the lining that's nearly ripped out completely… guess I'm in a pickle!).

  2. I love seeing Marfy patterns made up. I have not bought their catalogue for a few years now. I said I would make up the Marfy patterns that I have before I order more…there is one shirt standing between me and new Marfys! Good luck with this project. I hope that it matches up to your lovely green jacket.

  3. I'm the other way – I have a black suede jacket that I've had about 14 years. I still love it, but I fear it's showing its age a bit. I have vague plans to take a pattern from it. It's something to be said for the boring colours like black – your green is nice but very distinctive. I have a sky blue coat that I'm getting a little tired of and I think that is mostly because of the stand-out colour.No need to apologise for showing us your exotic holiday snaps! It's interesting – is that Isfahan?

  4. GAH!! They have the BEST coat patterns. Its official. Thank you so much for introducing me to them! Also, how lovely does your trip to Iran look?! So lovely. I recently gave away all my winter coats because I just don't need them where I live. But I keep having a panic attack that this will be the year of freezing winters… I think a nice trench like your green one would take me through my winters just fine though… hmm…to make or to buy??

  5. In a pickle indeed! Have you seem that Craftsy course – Jean-ius? It uses a fab technique where you can copy a garment without taking it apart & make a pattern from it. Sounds like it would be a perfect match for you on this one!

  6. I think you're on the money there – its the green I'm sick of wearing – I love the style of the jacket a lot still. And yes – Isfahan & Yazd are in these pictures – good spotting!

  7. No coats? Yikes! I know I'd freeze. Being able to wear coats is about one of the only good things of living in a cooler climate :) I couldn't agree more – their coat patterns are to die for!

  8. I once got a little navy cashmere/wool blend peacoat when travelling in Auckland. I love it, it's becoming worn and faded but I just can't part with it!! Maybe I can dye it….

  9. wow, that coat sure is a stunner. I've worn the same grey coat for two winters now and I've even had to sew back on some buttons but I love it to bits. I've incorporated a mint colored coat this winter to my closet and I am starting to love that one just as much. Your trip photos are beautiful.

  10. I enjoyed the "gratuitous photos", hehe. Good luck on replacing your coat. I made a fleece, princess seamed jacket (burdastyle) for that purpose, and it's gotten a lot of wear.

  11. Hi, I still haven't figured out some things with the comments on my blog so I can't reply there but just wanted to thank you for the lovely comments.

  12. My fav is also a trench coat. Mine is a black one by Wayne Cooper. I LOVE it and wear it a lot. It still looks good as new after several years and I get comments every time I wear it. I tried to copy it in grey, but it wasn't as good as the original. I might have another try one day. Looking forward to seeing your new coat :)

  13. This will be fabulous! Can't wait to see it – not enough Marfy flying around sewing land :o) You are one well travelled lady! LOVED the pics.

  14. I'm so happy to have found your lovely blog and that you are a Marfy fan. It's been so hard to find people who sew regularly with their patterns! I've just bought a dress pattern, Marfy 9836 from their Gold collection, http://www.marfy.it/public/foto/9835b.jpg and to be honest I've been scared to do anything with it but look at it. I know I should at least attempt a toile!Do you have any tips for first timers? Would be much appreciated.Keep up the good work,Linda x

  15. 9836? Nice choice! It's a gorgeous dress! I would definitely make a toile – trace it out and add your seam allowance when you cut. And make note of what order you sew which parts! But otherwise, just keep your wits about you :) Thankyou, and goodluck!

  16. How did I miss this post? I love seeing all your travel photos. I feel like I can live vicariously through you adventures. I've never tried a Marfy pattern before but I was just looking at some of them online the other day. The description says that they are not intended for beginner sewists. Are they extremely difficult patterns? That jacket is really nice. I'd love to see those cuts trimmed in leather.

  17. How did I miss this post? I love seeing all your travel photos. I feel like I can live vicariously through you adventures. I've never tried a Marfy pattern before but I was just looking at some of them online the other day. The description says that they are not intended for beginner sewists. Are they extremely difficult patterns? That jacket is really nice. I'd love to see those cuts trimmed in leather.

  18. Hello!I just found your blog today and I must say I absolutely love it! Will you join the Tessuti competition? I hope you will as you are really talented. I visited Melbourne in April and was there for 3 days, I love the city!!! And the best was, I chanced upon Lincraft behind Burke St mall on the last morning in Melbourne, I even blogged about it. haha. Looking forward to your posts and creations.

  19. I'm insanely jealous of all your travels! I, like Sallie, live in a state where it is perpetually summer. I think I made it through last winter wearing three-quarter sleeve cardigans. I love the look of fancy warm trench coats but I know they'd never get worn.

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