Will work for fabric

Photo, thanks to TJ (The Perfect Nose) accosting a very attractive Scottish fellow

On Saturday a whole stack of Victorians, New South Welsh(wo)men and Tasmanian sewing enthusiasts and bloggers alike descended on Tessuti, and it was a bit like a long lost family reunion! Seeing so many familiar faces (but for the very first time) was an odd, but slightly exhilarating feeling :) Low lighting isn’t friendly at the best of times, but I had already chosen to leave the tripod at home in favour of more fabric carrying capacity! 

Sarah (Sew Squirrel) and Kat (All the Whimsical Things)

I’ll admit I was distracted by chatting and lusting after fabric (although I managed to restrain myself… unlike others!) and didn’t take many pictures! Afterwards we headed to Fed Square for some sustenance and good (sewing related) conversation…

It was great fun and I have no doubt there will be future meet-ups and fabric shopping excursions. The best part was ‘discovering’ some new and very local blogs to watch!

Rachel from Boo Dog and Me (the organiser extraordinaire)
TJ from The Perfect Nose (she’s just as funny in real life as in blogland)
Leith from Sew Brunswick (Like Rachel, totally taller than I expected!)
Helen from Funk Bunny’s Garden
Kat from All the Whimsical Things
Christy from Little Betty
Rachel from The Two Windmills
Kirsty from RocketSews
Belle from BellaCollectanea 
Sarah from SewSquirrel (and queen of the Renfrew)
Rachel from MyMessings (purveyor of the most amazing pink and grey Minoru)
Robyn from Sew Love Red
Lara from Thornberry

There was also Catherine, Anna, Sue and Heather. Quite a few of the more diligent photo takers (Kat caught the mood and fabric frivolities and TJ got some seriously cute scottish dude to get a few snaps of us at Fed Square) have some great shots up. Kudos to them!

Now, a few months back I made a bit of a pledge to myself – not to buy any new fabric until I’d made a more significant dent in the stash I currently have. Excepting of course, this little excursion, and a VIP night I went to at D’Italia back on the 8th of August. Yeah, I’ve kinda failed at that already (I bought some swimsuit fabric from EmmaOneSock) but surely I can hold out for the rest of the year?

On returning home, I thought it might be nice to go through my hoard and remind myself of the projects that inspired my stash enhancement purchases in the first place, you know – a bit of retrospective motivation…

Like this gorgeously minty green boucle that I scored in a 50% sale (woot!!), from my new favourite friends at Stitches to Style. There’s only one thing this could be – a Chanel style Jacket! Vogue 8804 is GO. Or at least it will be, hopefully sometime soon…

At that fabulous OOP sale on the Vogue McCalls website a while back, I snapped up a whole stack of patterns I’d been wanting… but not bad enough to pay full price for them ;) Enter McCalls 5929. This fabric – a blue and white abstract print cotton/silk voile (from Emma One Sock) is bound to be a button-up shirt. Now I know I can use the buttonhole foot on my machine, there’s nothing stopping me – except mastering plackets of course!

If you’re a follower of Erica B’s DIY style, you would have seen this ripper of a dress made from McCall’s 6460. Like the sheep I am, I bought that pattern on impulse pretty much immediately after seeing her post. And ever since, I’ve been seeing dress after dress in shop windows with a lace overlay. Gorgeous Fabrics delivered, and I’m planning to dye this currently-cream lace another colour. Summer dress, sorted. But – sleeves or no sleeves?

And this. You will be seeing this very VERY soon. If you haven’t guessed what this will be already then I’m not going to spill the beans. But it’s lace, it’s French, and we fell in love and ran away together. Did I mention that the Stitches to Style ladies know me by name now?

Mmmmm… silk crepe sherbert-coloured confection. I’m intending them to turn into an entirely edible version of Vogue 1192, which I’ve had my eye on ever since I pinned this dress a while back. Although 1192 has some terrible reviews on PR… so maybe I need to rethink that one. Butterick 5672 may have to come to the rescue. Or Leith of Sew Brunswick did an lovely rendition of New Look 6000

Those silk fabrics (along with another silk chiffon you can see me holding below and a wool/cashmere blend fabric destined to be a suit) was bought at D’Italia‘s VIP night back at the start of August, to celebrate their 10th Birthday. It was a fabulous way to spend an evening – they had champagne, nibbles and a guy playing classical guitar. More pictures here! Recognise my jacket? :)

And then, there’s the two fabrics I picked up in Tessuti whilst hanging out with the Melbourne Sewing Scene. They don’t appear to be very interesting at first… but this textured white cotton and latte coloured knit will be spun into something a bit special for every day wear come summertime.

Time to get sewing!!



  1. You have some beautiful fabrics in your stash. :)I did read about the gathering on Perfect Nose's blog and I'm glad to see you made it, too! It looks like fun!

  2. You look like you have some really fun stuff planned… Your fabric selections are gorgeous! Probably doesn't hurt that I am a big fan of the teals and blues… And lace. Loving the lace!

  3. Unless Belle has a pink minoru I didn't see I think you've got the two of us confused ;)for the lace, I'd probably vote sleeves, but both would be great.

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