Vote! Plus Patterns and Postcards!

Patterns and Postcards – a tremendously fabulous idea by the hilarious TJ over at The Perfect Nose

I’m joining in on the fun – so check out my Patterns and Postcards Page sitting just under the banner up top :)

Also – if you’ve been a member of Pattern Review for 3 or more months, then you’re eligible to vote in the Lined Jacket Competition! Preferably for me of course… but only if you think I’m worth it. There are some seriously fabulous entries by some seriously talented peoples!

You can read my review of Vogue 8333 (my entry) here, or check out some more pictures here. Thanks guys!

I also received this on wednesday – yay!



  1. Voted!I preordered the Gertie book, got the shipping notification last week and have been checking the mailbox each day!! I was a bit disappointed in her Craftsy Jacket class so a big fingers crossed her book will be a lot better, plus its cool being able to support other bloggers!

  2. Augh! I'm not a PR member XS Being able to vote for cool stuff is a good reason to join though, I guess. The aesthetics (or lack thereof) of their website design really makes my forehead vein twitch though XP I don't even have a forehead vein XS Oh and Gertie book review please! Is there anything you really wanna make? Amarylislog did a nice review but I'm interested in seeing what others think (even though I'm not in any condition to buy any more pattern books..) XD

  3. Yah… the website design there is atrocious. It took me forever to get into using that site, but it's worth persevering for the info it contains. As for Gertie's book… I bought it for the sheath dress on the front. I like to think something like that would suit me. As for the other stuff, well – vintage really ain't my style. I'll admire it from afar though. We'll see. I've yet to properly read through the book. Maybe a review is a good idea.

  4. ooh ohh I just got the Gertie book this week too. I can't choose which one to start with though! the blouses are all very cute! Thank you for your comments on my Tessuti Awards entry, as for the fabric – I ended up going with a gold and brown striped 100% silk dupion. It feels so lovely! Loving your blog :-)

  5. Oh I voted for you, not because you asked but because I love your jacket, and the colour! Your right there are some really nice jackets in the competition as well. Good luck!

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