S1302: Mix’n’Match Tofino’s

Time for something easy to sew, thank you very much – there was a time not so very long ago I thought that if I even sewed a cushion cover in the next year, that would be too much, too soon. Couture techniques and hand sewing have been (temporarily) banished from the realm… and lets not even talk about this new law being 1 garment too late!

These are the Sewaholic Tofino pj pants, and there were gasps of shock at Social Sewing when I asked to use one of several overlockers hauled to GJs for sewing with on the day…. I’d honestly forgotten such a machine even exists!

Sewaholic Tofino 6

Sewaholic Tofino 7

Sewaholic Tofino 8

Sewaholic Tofino 9

I’ve got a fair bit of Liberty in my stash, but criminally – I’ve yet to sew with hardly any of it. I got these gorgeous prints from Mill Rose in Ballan – they have easily the biggest range of Liberty I’ve EVER seen in person. They have virtually every print, in every colour way, on the shelf and readily available for petting. It’s worthy of a bit of hyperventilation. The front tie and the piping are from silk satin from the stash – there was the perfect amount of silk leftover from the cuffs on my silk robe, which matched wonderfully.

Crazy how here the silk looks like a dirty yellow... but more lime green on my robe!
I absolutely adore this print/colour combo. Crazy how here the silk looks like a dirty yellow… but more lime green on my robe!

Were it not for the fact that Sewaholic patterns are designed for a body shape that I’m very definitely not, that would probably be the end of this post. However, there was two full sizes between my hip and waist measurements. Really, I should have just bought a Vogue/McCalls pj pattern, but hey – I got caught up in the hype back when this was released and bought this against my better judgment. I’m sure I’m not the only person to have ever done that…

So because old habits die really, really hard (or in my case, not at all) – I wearable muslined them in a super cute cherry blossom print flannelette, with pink piping. Here they are, in a straight size 8 which according to the Sewaholic Size Table, I match from the hips down (I measured a 12 at the waist):

Sewaholic Tofino 4  Sewaholic Tofino 5

Desperate need for a Flat Butt Adjustment going on there. I think that photo just put to bed my life long dream of being a professional pyjama-bottom modeller!!! hehe.

Ahem. For my liking there is way too much baggy space at the back, and the wide-leg just a tad too wide for my shape.

So a few adjustments were in order.
– I shortened the leg length by a ridiculous number of inches (I did that before I cut the flannelette ones)
– I removed the widening taper of the side panel, so they are straight up and down (rather than getting slightly larger towards the ankle)
– I reduced leg width by taking out fabric from the seam between the side panel and the pants back… around about 4 inches all up. Probably about an inch too much, really. This simultaneously made the leg a little slimmer and fixed my need for a Flat Butt Adjustment.

Sewaholic Tofino 12 Sewaholic Tofino 13 Sewaholic Tofino 14

Confession time – so I may have lied a little about the overlocker thing. I overlocked the side seams of my cutesy flannelette pj pants… but I totally frenched the seams on my liberty pj pants. Guilty as charged.

I did a quick test on some scraps to make sure it would work with the piping in it – no dramas there so I moved on. It should be stated that making your own piping is boring prospect. I’d buy over DIY if you can!

Sewaholic Tofino 3

I think the amount of rise on these pants is just about perfect.

The instructions would have you tie your tie around the two non-functional button holes sewn into the waist band. I reinforced my buttonhole then ended up sewing the silk tie to that reinforced section so it can’t be lost in the wash.

Sewaholic Tofino 2

If I were to make these again, I would not sew the two tie pieces together, and instead sew them to my waistband reinforcing on the opposite side of the buttonhole… so there is zero strain on the buttonhole, like you see below. It’s a pretty long tie and has a surprising amount of weight to it.

Sewaholic Tofino 10

Otherwise, I now have three perfectly good pairs of lounge-about-the-house pants, doubling as pyjama pants when I need to stay overnight somewhere. Because I’m one of those people that would rather take the risk of getting caught out if there’s ever an emergency in the middle of the night…



  1. So cute, Mel. Not the sort of sewing you’ve been doing lately, but isn’t it nice to have a change. And you certainly made these PJ bottoms look anything but ordinary. Liberty PJ’s. Luxury lounging for sure!

    1. It’s simple things like this that make lying around on the couch for a day just that little bit more glamorous. Making all that blasted piping nearly drove me to insanity, though! Thanks, Cissie :) x

  2. They look great. All the prints work together in this planned chaos way. Yeah, I’m not excited at prospect of making my own bias tape, piping, that kinda thing. You’ve officially convinced that it wouldn’t be fun!

  3. These are so cute, Mel! What a fabulous use of Liberty! I am also guilty of buying Sewaholic patterns, despite being the exact opposite shape they’re intended for. Tasia’s designs are just too temptingly cute! Of course, I have yet to actually trace and attempt fitting one…

    1. You’re absolutely right – she does make lovely patterns. Us non-pears are pretty damn lucky with the range of patterns available to us requiring minimal adjustments though, so I can hardly complain! Thanks Mary :) x

    1. The thought did cross my mind, Marjorie! But I would never be able to do it. I thought maybe in the right fabrics, the Hudson pants would be quite a classy track-pants-at-the-supermarket deal? But then I would just have an image of my mum shaking her head at me in my mind were I ever to do such a thing! :P Thanks Marjorie :)

  4. I love them both. In fact those liberty ones are quite possibly the fanciest pj’s pants I’ve laid eyes on. Nice work with the piping. I think we are polar opposites with our commitment to the finer details. I set out wanting to add those nice touches but get progressively more excited as I sew (a bit like a puppy) and couture goes out the window in my desperation to get that thing on me. But that’s what I so love about your posts, inspiring me to take more time and do the little things that make the project extra special.

    1. Yeah, I won’t lie – I feel like a million bucks swanning about the house in those and my ugg boots! I find your sewing just as inspirational – your prolificacy blows my mind! Not to mention you have such wonderful style and taste in fabrics. Thanks, Debbie! :)

  5. Great looking PJ’s and know what you mean about the sizing. Can understand your desire to do French Seams on the Liberty it deserves to be treated that way.

    1. I certainly think so. Your Tofino’s turned out wonderfully! I’m not sure how you’re finding your flannelette pair but I’m loving the flannel ones, even if they are way too big and baggy in the back. Thanks, Sharon! :)

  6. Mel, of course you made a muslin of your jimjams! Love your style lady and I agree Rose Mill Liberty was out of control delicious!

  7. I love these. I wear my Liberty sleepwear all the time. so much that one nighty has worn through from over wearing. You’ll want to make more, but probably more so when the weather warms up.

    1. I’ve already got another pair planned, Christy! And they will absolutely be made when the weather gets a little warmer. For now, my flannel pair will probably get more wear… I’m a little in love with flannel right now! SO cosy, haha. Thanks! x

    1. Yep, I don’t blame you. It would be a one-way ticket to difficult-fitting city! Especially when there are SO many patterns out there that are more suited to us non-pears. Not like you need to hear that though – your style is bang on and super flattering for your silhouette. Thanks Anna!

  8. Liberty and silk PJs just sound too good to wear to bed. I’ve sewn the Tofino pants for my daughter and the pattern fits her well, but I would have to make adjustments similar to you if I was to make me some. I have a few Sewaholic patterns despite the need for me to widen the waist and narrow the hips – I figure any pattern I sew I’m gonna have to alter so might as well buy a pattern I like to begin with. Oh and I actually threaded the tie all the way around the waist band on the first pair and left it out all together on the second :-)

    1. Great for wearing around the house, but! I won’t be making a Sewaholic pattern again, I don’t think. Too annoying to make adjustments I’m unused to making! Nice idea on the tie. I may still unpick and do that… it’s really quite long!! Thanks, Sandra :)

  9. I love that you always manage to incorporate SOME couture detail in everything you make. Guaranteed this is the first time silk organza has been used with this pattern! The final adjusted pant is lovely – adore the print mixing!

    1. You eagle eye – I was hoping no one would really notice that! In a fit of stupidity when I was doing a bit cleanout of my sewing space post the wedding… I stupidly/arrogantly thought it would be fine to throw all of my iron-on interfacing away. Dur!!! Too lazy to nip down to the shops and pick up some more in the middle of making these… haha, thanks though Heather – glad you like em :)

  10. oh, i so know what you are talking about – obviously i’ve never made a wedding dress, two bridesmaid dresses, and three gift robes in one year before – but last year after camp chanel and my two-jackets-in-one-week-madness i couldn’t even look at a sewing machine for six months.

    really helpful comments on the torfinos, too, and i love the way you played with the different patterns and the leftover silk for such a fun and gratifying project.

  11. How is it that you can even make pajama pants look elegant and couture??! You have the magic touch!! Lovely print mixing and piping. I’ve always stayed away from Sewaholic’s patterns as well because my measurements just spanned way too many sizes and to achieve a good fit would require too many adjustments than lazy old me is willing to do. But I’m glad you persevered on these! The little design details, like that side panel and the piping, make it totally worth it!!

  12. These are so great! They really worked out in the end! Love the piping- these are the fanciest pajamas ever! Sadly, although the Sewaholic patterns are so beautifully drafted and always give such a clean finish, the sizing doesn’t work for me, either. My shape is basically a reverse pair (thicker through the waist and narrower through the hips) and I span four sizes (!).

    1. Yep, totally get you on that – it will be the last time I sew with a Sewaholic, especially as pants are such a tricky thing to fit properly! I’m lucky I had a way to ‘cheat’ the fit. Thanks Sonja :)

  13. Fancy pj’s – perhaps we’ll see them come out at the next sewaway! I also don’t use Sewaholic for pants, my hip to waist ratio is all wrong. Their dresses have worked out so far for me but I did have to do a major FBA on the last one! I have a really good (old) McCalls pjs pattern that I use, seems to work a treat so why mess with a good thing?

    1. You absolutely will! Just spent the weekend in brissy with my parents, and they got heaps of wear coz it was so lovely and warm! haha. Totally get you on the fit/sizing issues though, this will be my first and last Sewaholic. Sticking with the non-pear patterns from here on out :) Thanks Liz!

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