Gratuitous Holiday Snaps

The Marfy coat is finito – and yes, it is totally awesome! Alas, photos will have to wait until the weekend  as there just isn’t enough light left in the day after my daily grind is complete!

But in the meantime, I’m finding it hard to believe its now been over two months since Mr poppykettle and I got back from South America! I’ve started going through our holiday pictures – there’s just under 7000 of them. You read that correctly… talk about snap happy!

After a burst of nostalgia from reliving the memories we created whilst away, I thought I might showcase a few of the choiciest pics – You’ve already seen some of them as backdrops for various things I made and wore whilst away – like the Sweet Shorts, the Macchu Pichu Renfrew and the loversandhaters tee. Click to enlarge!

Regular sewing-related programming will return soon, of course :)

Galapagos Islands: some dragons, two blue footed boobies, a manta ray, a sally light-foot crab, a male frigate bird and the accomodation:

The Amazon: a dragonfly hitches a ride, some monkeys, sunset on the amazon river after a quick swim – and fishing for piranha’s! I’m purposely leaving off all the snakes, spiders, killer ants (literally) and creepy crawlies we saw… :S

In and Around Quito: the Convent, inside the clock tower, at Mitad del Mundo (the centre of the earth – lattitude and longitude 0), the Cathedral, watching the Good Friday Procession in the old city, hiking up to the glacier on top of Cotopaxi Volcano, some pretty high altitude flowers, the view from up among the clouds on top of Cotopaxi Volcano (5000m asl):

Easter Sunday in Lima:

Arequipa and Colca Canyon: Checking out the amazing Convent in Arequipa, crossing the ice-capped Andes to get to the start of our Colca Canyon Trek, the Canyon itself, and lastly – half way down you can see our destination (the Oasis, a tropical microclimate complete with pool and banana lounges). If you look closely, you can see a zig-zag path on the left. That’s what we took to climb out of the canyon… 2.5 hours of climbing to cover a 1.2km direct ascent!

Machu Picchu: Cusco from above, trekking, an extremely well placed hot springs, Mr poppykettle and an obliging Llama, and watching the sun rise over Machu Picchu.

Lake Titicaca:

Pictures from Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay to come some other time. Hope you’re all having a wonderful week thus far!



  1. What a fabulous trip!! I hiked the Inca trail to Machu Picchu in 1984. I also rafted the Ollantaytambo River and I was mugged in Cusco. Ah memories. ;) You covered an impressive number of locations! Your photos are gorgeous.

  2. these motivate me to finally book my holiday, like the minute after I finish writing this, though I'm going to north instead of south america. (I hate comparing prices for flights)

  3. I looked at the these earlier and didn't comment because I was on the way out the door. Now I'm looking at them again. They are amazing! I love seeing your vacation snaps. I teach an art lesson where we make these great paper mache birds. I think I'm going to have to make a blue footed boobie this year! I'm sure the kids will fall out of their chairs when I tell them that. Lol!

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