An Icing Event: SewcieTea

High Tea at The Windsor for my bestie’s 30th

I consider myself something of a high-tea afficionado…
LOVE tea.
I love champagne – (the real stuff, you know, from france).
I love scones, jam and thick yellow double cream.
I also love sweet, sugary delights and cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off, all served on a silver tiered stand with gorgeous crockery.


I also like to sew (this, you already know), and I sometimes get a little frustrated at the lack of social events on my calendar that require one to get a little dressed up. Lets not even talk about how mad I get when I go to the ballet or the theatre on a saturday night and see people in denim jeans. I don’t care if they are your best jeans people, or how much you paid for them. That’s just wrong. My mother still bemoans how Australian’s don’t like to get dressed up – for anything – and my parents have been living in this great southern land for just over 30 years now.

So, I’m going to host an event – and you’ll need to wear your very best icing! Better yet, I’m going to give you time to sew it yourself, and I’ve picked a location with a beautiful backdrop so we can have a group photo shoot on the day :)

Image via The Gables

Where? The Gables – 15 Finch Street, East Malvern.
When? Sunday the 7th of April (In case someone else makes a big booking before we lock ours in, this could potentially move to the 31st of March, so keep this in mind) UPDATE: OUR BOOKING IS NOW ON THE 14th OF APRIL DUE TO SOMEONE BOOKING OUT THE ENTIRE PLACE ON THE 7th… What, don’t they know who we ARE?
What Time? From 2pm to 4pm
How Much? $55 per person. This includes (real) champagne, tea, scones, sandwiches, cakes and sweets, and you can pay on the day :)
RSVP: by Monday 28th January to poppykettle at gmail dot com.

Anyone is welcome – regardless of whether you blog or not. The only requirement really is that you get dressed up!

Not in Melbourne but still want to join in??? Sew up some icing, send me a picture (and your blog link if you have one) and I’ll include you in the grand photo shoot post – a la Oona’s Promaballoona limousine!

You’ve got 75 days to sew up something gorgeous for an afternoon tea of epic proportions and a photo-shoot to boot.

Ladies: Lower Your Presser Foot!



  1. Wish I could come! I'm with you on dressing up. I even dress up most work days. I hate seeing teachers wear jeans day in and day out. It does no favours for the profession. I think Rach and I are hoping to head to Melbourne for some fun in May, so hopefully we'll catch up again then.

  2. I dress up for everything (even demonstrating at the Uni) and would love to come but I just checked it on Google maps -doesn't look feasible for me to ride there from Bundoora, on my scooter, wearing something nice XD I'll let you know if that changes and I find someone to drive me but at this stage the probability is <0.05.

  3. Poor us, non-Australian people! Too bad I don't go to Australia on business trips any more :( Arggg But my Matthew Williamson dress will be ready by then!

  4. Bundoora? I think the probability is >91.7% as you can come with me:) there is however a small chance of random ill baby, but we can frock out

  5. What a wonderful idea. I'm in the non-Australian group so will not be able to come. Hope you will have a great day and looking forward to seeing pictures of the event.

  6. Okay, Melanie, you're on. This feels a bit crazy, going to tea with people I've never met before, but you seem normal :P in a crazy sewist kind of way, obviously. Are there rules about the icing? Does it have to be new/not previously worn? How dressy does it have to be? (Not that I was planning to wear jeans, but I'll probably have to compromise between my dreams and what might actually be worn again.)And now: WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?!!!! Kathleen

  7. I am SO in. And hoping to make a lovely frock from my liberty… now just to get over the fears of actually cutting into it!Also, So with you about people not dressing up. I was very disappointed last time i went to the theatre and everyone looked a right mess. very disappointed.

  8. Don't get me started on how poorly people dress for the symphony. I wrote a whole blog post about it when I went to see Simone Lamsma play the Mendelsohn! I hope your event is lovely and I wish I could come instead of sitting out this horrible weather up north.

  9. I'm with you on two counts – wishing I had more occasions to dress up (I'd like to be one of those people who can afford to go to charity galas every week, as those seem to be the only formal events these days) – and why don't people have the courtesy to at least throw on khakis? Dude, if you paid $80 for your theater ticket, what's up with the jean shorts?–Surrounded by Sloppy in North Carolina

  10. Oh, what a fabulous idea! I will gladly participate remotely–being in California the cost of your wonderful tea would be a bit prohibitive. :-) But since I need to make some muslins for my wedding dress, I may as well make at least one of them wearable and beautiful! Will send pictures.

  11. I think I might be one of the few sewing folks who is a bit of a dag. Scratch that. I am a lot of a dag. My version of dressed up involves almost any dress! I do like the idea, and you are all lovely and I want to hang with you, so I will be there! I have a few patterns that might make something that will hopefully pass muster. Also, I can offer lift services to anyone who might want it, including strangers, if that’s not too weird for them (e.g. The Perfect Nose?)- Oanh

  12. What a lovely idea Melanie and I would come down from Brisbane for the high tea, but will be OS on the 7th. I will make something and send a photo. I love to dress up for the theatre or for dinner and get so disappointed when others make no effort for special occasions. Another idea for the high tea would be that everyone leaves their mobile on a table outside the dining room. That way everyone will communicate, eye to eye!

  13. If your a dag Oanh, then your our dag! :) Whatever you wear will be lovely, I'm leaning towards slightly more casual, as i'll be as big as a tent, so we'll blend in together. :)

  14. I know! Why does no one want to get dressed up any more?! I would say my style is not overly dressy but I still find myself trying not to overdress for parties etc. You would think that if you felt good wearing something that you should leave it at that… but no! Ever the pressure to fit conform!! Ayway, this is really making me step outside my comfort zone but…. count me in too! I've always been working on other meet-up days, but Sunday is my day off so I really have no excuse!

  15. I expected no less, Kat. Considering this IS your last hurrah! And you'll look lovely no matter what you throw on. I haven't decided yet… it all comes down to time, really! I'm seriously considering making a dress from the fabric I relieved you of, though… :)

  16. Oh, YES!! I so can't wait to see your version of that dress – I'm sure it'll be epic. You'll have to send me the pics so I can include you in the 'on the day' post :)

  17. YAY!! We love sucking in new recruits!!! No rules about the icing – just something that makes you feel a bit special :) If you've got something already appropriate in the cupboard, I say take the opportunity to drag it out and put it on show! We look forward to seeing you there! Email followup to come shortly :)

  18. Oh yes, Liberty would be perfect!!! We really need to start a Liberty Lovin' fan club. We'll all join together and raise the standards of our fellow Australians.

  19. Gah. People are despicable. It's almost disrespectful to Simone NOT to dress up. And I'm jealous you got to see her – she's fabulous! And I have a really soft spot for Medelsohn :)

  20. What Kat said. Surely your red tiramisu would be lovely?? But a new creation would be fun, too!! TJ's had a few offers for lifts, so it looks like she won't be able to escape us! mwahahah!

  21. Especially when dressing up is so much fun! We're so looking forward to meeting you and seeing what you sew up! I will warn you though… these sewing meetups are addictive :P

  22. I would love to come – but 7th April is the middle weekend of school holidays and we may or may not be away. What is the last time that I can RSVP? Any excuse for food and frock!

  23. Ooh those cakes look so scrumptious – I have several sweet teeth, so would love to be there. I'll try to make something nice in time for the event… I wonder if we should have a parallel Sydney event?

  24. OOh – how fun and the 7th is my birthday, I might have to make and effort to come down to Melbourne for the weekend, since hubby will be away! So double excuse to dress up!!!Let me know if it is a goer!!

  25. Oh wow, thanks for the offer-I wasn't aware there were responses to my comment-yes that would be awesome, thank you. Now I need to find someone heading back to the city after the event because I need to be at the townhall beofre 5pm for the comedy raw finals XD

  26. The last time I was at The Gables I was the most dressed up I have ever been in my wedding dress! It was BEAUTIFUL and the staff were amazing. How did I miss this on my blog reader – too late to join in?

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