Marfy Catalogues Pattern Haul

It’s been a long while since I did a post like this – mostly because there was a huuuuge gap of not buying any patterns!

I’ve still bought the Marfy catalogues each year for a bit of eye candy – so when I got back into sewing this time a year ago – I went on a big of a pattern buying rampage!

I picked this years catalogue up from the post office 2 days ago, so I’m still digesting that one – this post covers my favourites from the 2017 Evergreen Catalogue, the 2016/17 Catalogue AND the 2015/16 Catalogue. Because, pregnant + #newbornlyf.

I’ll admit to particularly indulging in what is now last years catalogue – the first Evergreen one – because the catalogue is all separates – so there was a bazillion tops in there that I can see myself making again and again over the years to come.

So unlike in previous catalogues where I’ve bought mainly dresses I’m unlikely to make but they’ve just been so awesome I’ve wanted to acquire them for the sake of prosperity – and jackets and coats that I would really love to get around to making but am still lacking in confidence somewhat – I feel like the purchases I’ve made this time are really going to be money well spent.

And that’s already showing – I’ve made up quite a few from this haul already!

Here’s what I bought.

5117: “Crew neck blouse with drop motif and ribbon, short puff sleeves”. I’ll admit I bought this one because it reminds me somewhat of Leisa’s F1882 blouse from way back in the day, but with a slightly more practical non-wrap front! This pattern was on the blinker between my purchase ‘wishlist’ and the sidelines, because as much as I love the design, I’m unsure it will work well on me. We shall see :)

5156: “Blouse with drop shaped neckline, gathered sleeves and cuffs with cufflinks”. Easily one of my favourites – I adore lace but find it a bit overwhelming to wear when it encompasses the whole garment – I love how this blouse pattern allows a smattering of it as a focal point down the front. Depending on the kind of lace, this could either be really subtle or take centre stage. I already know I’m going to have fun searching for fabrics for a lace version of this.

I’ve finished a ‘plain’ version of this one, which you can see here :)

5159: “This refined semi-fitted blouse has an original origami-effect collar that frames the neckline. The sleeves are gathered at the cuffs”. There’s not much I don’t like about this one.

5172: “This classic, somewhat loose-fitting shirt has a shirt collar and yoke”. I had hopes that this would become my go-to work shirt, and I think with a few more tweaks it will absolutely be there. See – Wiltshire Shirt.

5187: “This shirt has a little collar, front placket and sleeves with low-cut armholes. To be made in constrasting colours, or even in a crew-neck version with box-pleat and hidden fastening”. The colour-blocked version doesn’t hold me at all, but I do love the smaller version next it. A bit less 80’s, in my mind. I’m super curious to see how that princess seam into armscye works out.

5200: “This semi-fitted blouse has a crossover V-neckline fastening loose darts”. This is easily the pattern that caught my eye immediately on my first flip through of this catalogue – just gorgeous. It was the first one I tried when I received my patterns – but it has unfortunately taken the title of ‘first Marfy pattern that hasn’t worked for me’. The sleeve however, is utterly gorgeous, and you’ve already seen this in action, transposed onto my most recent make of Marfy 3449 – The Floral.

5205: “This sheath skirt has inset pockets. Suggested fabric: satin or crepe”. Another pattern that was on the fence for me – but did make it across into the purchase wishlist. I love the concept of the pleats at the front, but I think choice of fabric could make or break this.

5212: “This shaped skirt is made of six diagonal panels that open at the bottom giving the skirt volume”. This one was love at first sight. Notwithstanding the fact that it’s a fabric hog (1.7m!) – the lines of this are just gorgeous, and the shape is universally flattering, IMO. Because of the amount of fabric required – I’ve got nothing in my stash long enough and in the right bottom weight. and I’ m really going to have to go fabric shopping for this one soon because I’m dying to sew it.

5276: “Form-fitting corset with lingerie-like cuts, to be made in brocade or wild silk”. After my success with my last Marfy Bustier (as the foundation of my wedding dress), I was super excited to see this one here. Regardless of whether or not I get around to sewing this one, it’s one to have for prosperity!

5285: “Trousers with raised waistband that forms a waistband in the back”. I recall when I got my first and second Marfy catalogues being surprised as how few pants patterns there was. But after sewing my own – I think I understand the reasons why. That it’s really easy to pick and choose your features and add them into any pattern once you’ve got one that works for you. I really like the waistband treatment.

3861: “Top with loose ring collar featuring pleats, slightly drop-shoulder sleeve and curved hem. Suggested fabric: voile, viscose or jersey”. With summer coming, and me having spent the last two summers in maternity/breastfeeding-friendly clothing, my options for tops is severely limited right now. I can see myself pulling this together very quickly in a lovely merino knit, and being able to wear it with work and weekend separates.

3893: “Printed silk shirt-dress with optional collar, square yoke at back, tie-fastening at neck, patch pockets, and sleeves with turn-up cuffs.” Looks like a great shirt dress pattern. I’m thinking it might be time to try sewing with Linen?

I’ve got one more sleeve to sew on this and I’ll have this one finished real soon :)

3982: “Double crossover jacket with short belt, raised collar and lapels and cuffs in contrasting fabric. Complete with two-tone skirt with V-shaped hem at the side”. I really lost sleep over whether or not to include this blazer (the skirt has me intrigued, but it’s not something I’d buy on its own). I think in the end, it looks like a safe collar option (because of all the things to sew, stand up collars on jackets are always what scare me off).

3990: “Wool gabardine jacket with peplum, inset pockets with flaps at waist and studded trim”. Pretty simple why I picked this, really. It’s an awesome blazer pattern. I’ve got a muslin for this fitted, I’m hoping to work on it over the upcoming Winter.

3999: “Blouse with either palm-length or cap sleeves. Suggested fabric: jersey”. The intent is to try sewing some more everyday knit tops from this one:

3629: “Fitted top with crossed pleats at the neckline and short kimono sleeves with lace edging. Suggested fabric: crêpe, satin, jersey or cotton cady”. I love the lines on it and see it being quite versatile – in a woven print for work, or a stable jersey for casual wear. Perhaps even another attempt at fagotting to get a Zimmermann inspired outcome?

I’ve muslined this, and it’s not exactly flattering on me. I’m thinking to try my first ever FBA on it to see if I can’t salvage it…

3635: “Classic fitted single-breasted jacket with lapel collar and inset pockets with pocket flaps. Suggested fabric: crêpe, summer-weight wool, merino or pinstripe fabric”. This is the one I originally had earmarked for this year’s couture class… I’m thinking about trialling the wearable muslin concept to practice my tailoring before I cut into the special fabrics I’d like to use for this… one day.

3659: “Smart sleeveless sheath dress with parallel, converging V-shaped seams that shape the bodice, emphasized by lace inserts, round neck with loose pintucks and central split. Suggested fabric: crêpe or silk velvet”. There’s just something about this dress that speaks to me… and I’ve got some heavyweight silk crepe in three matching colourways to make it out of hiding in my stash. I think it would make a fantastic sheath dress for work in non-evening wear fabrics. It’s also on Marfy’s most bought patterns list (on their website) – so clearly a crowd favourite!

3646: “Semi-fitted blouse with converging pintuck detailon asymmetrical scoop neckline. Can be made with side frill and single palm-length sleeve, with two sleeves and no frill, or sleeveless with frill over one shoulder. Can also be made as a dress. Suggested fabric: jersey, cotton cady or satin”. So you can laugh at me, but I bought this pattern solely because I can see myself making this maternity dress out of it. It’s a dress I REALLY wanted to sew last time I was pregnant, but I completely lost all desire to create whilst pregnant… so I figure next time, I’ll be pre-armed!

3647: “Fitted dress with crossover bodice featuring side drape and optional shawl collar, and optional ribbon sash at waist. Suggested fabric: crêpe-de-chine, satin or crêpe”. When I look at this I see another classic day dress or evening dress, depending on the fabrics used. I’m not so into the sash, but – who knows!



  1. So many classic lines in that group, you can’t go wrong! I especially love the two jackets and the 3647 dress. I’ve lost my sewing mojo, now that I’m home teaching piano, I have way too many clothes as it is….Ah well, I’m going to enjoy your need for a work wardrobe!!😉

    1. Thanks Kathy :) Necessity is definitely driving my sewing, but I do need to start focusing more on bottoms (skirts and such) now I’ve got a pretty good selection of self-made blouses and shirts! No reason why you shouldn’t dress to impress to teach piano ;)

  2. #3659 is a real beauty. I also do muslins and sometimes am shocked that it doesn’t flatter me at all. And it’s often something I’m truly in love with. (sigh)

    1. Isn’t it just? I’m very much hoping that when I get around to muslining this dress, that it works for me! I’m thinking I’ll possible use this one for my next couture sewing school…
      It is a little disappointing when a muslin doesn’t work for you, but then, I think of the fabric and time I saved by finding that out early and I don’t feel so bad!

  3. Thanks for the previews. There are definitely some I need to try. I haven’t ordered a Marfy catalog in awhile; still need to work through my accumulated stash of their pattern. I love the styling and fit of Marfy but occasionally a design just doesn’t work for a particular body. I’m looking forward to your makes.

    1. I’ve long since given up trying to make all of my patterns – there just isn’t enough time before the next round of patterns is released! I’m more than happy to be a collector, haha. Actually, the 2017 evergreen catalogue has been the biggest hit because I’ve never successfully made up so many patterns from one catalogue before. So it’s definitely a winner, in my books.
      Like you though, every now and again I come across one that just won’t suit me. You can’t win them all!

  4. Emmmm, just like to say that just on the off chance that you never get round to sewing these patterns – there’ll be a very home for them with me!
    Fabulous choice and so versatile.

    1. haha, I’ll keep that in mind, Ruth! Thank you :) the versatility factor has clearly been a winner, because I’ve never sewn up so many patterns from a catalogue release than I have with the 2017 Evergreen catalogue. It’s a win for separates!

  5. I’ve never made a Marfy :) I have 2 in my stash (I can’t recall their numbers at the moment but simple tops I think 2016?) but I’m a little nervous about working with these patterns so I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing yours made up!

  6. Oh I love 3982 and 3990! That shirt dress is so good. One small problem I have with Marfy sometimes is looking past the eye makeup and colors on the fashion drawings to envision versions of the garment on a human — especially the blouses for some reason. Incidentally, I don’t have this problem with their coat patterns, weirdly, but also don’t need 300 coats.

    1. Really? Because I absolutely do need 300 coats. Possibly even 400.
      haha – actually I think I’m a little addicted to sewing silk blouses… I could happily ignore all the other things I need to sew just to focus on those! But yeah, the excessive eye shadow thing sometimes gets taken a wee bit to far, I would definitely agree.

  7. I love that you are buying some of these for posterity. Even if you don’t make them up, the fashion drawings are beautiful to have and display.

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