B8155: The Technicolour Dream Skirt

Picture 3

Here is the first finished example of my favourite skirt pattern – Burda 8155. I love pencil skirts – so was curious to find out at what point in history they made their first appearance. 

Picture 2
The most interesting anecdote has revolved around Mrs Berg – the first female aeroplane passenger back in 1908. This was of course when planes weren’t enclosed, so the pilots tied a piece of rope around her ankles (how romantic) to prevent her skirts from blowing up and undoing her modesty. Here she is:
This photo became a famous postcard, and the fashion houses of the day soon created the above skirts legacy which was nicknamed the ‘Hobble Skirt’:
There’s a fabulous dearth of information on the scandal of these skirts over at Edwardian Promenade. I can only image that over time as skirt lengths became shorter, we ended up with the version I’ve created:
I’m loving the grosgrain ribbon as the waistband – its a skirt look that seems to be popping up everywhere at the moment, from ASOS to Elli Saab‘s haute couture Spring/Summer 2011 range. 
Picture 6
This skirt is the first step for me to start wearing more colour on the bottom, instead of just on the top. I think I’ll be getting quite a bit of wear out of it this summer!


  1. I saw this on BurdaStyle, and loved it immediately. Such great color & print! This is my fav pencil skirt pattern, too :) Did you use a double or single layer of ribbon on the waistband? About to embark on this technique, and was originally going to use a single, but… maybe it's not sturdy enough?

  2. Thanks threadsquare :) I ended up using a double layer as it was super easy to encase the seam edge and lining in, giving a tidy finish inside. It's definitely sturdier too. Definitely do try – I really like the effect and will definitely do it again!

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