2012 Tessuti Awards Competition

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2012 Tessuti Awards

Drumroll please! 

My fellow lovers of Tessuti may be aware already – but for the benefit of those who aren’t – the 2012 Tessuti Awards have been announced! And this year it’s Big with a capital B. The theme? Spots and Stripes. Who doesn’t love them both? To see just how inspirational and incredible this competition can be – I would highly recommend checking out the Tessuti Awards website (where you can lurk creations by previous years entrants until your heart is content).

The basic premise is that you design/make a dress following the set theme (and a few rules), and submit your entry online. A panel of judges picks semi-finalists, and your creation is then flown to Sydney for the final judging – the winner takes home $5000 worth of international flights, second prize wins a Bernina 700D overlocker and lucky third gets a $500 Tessuti gift voucher. Kick ass prizes if you ask me.
What makes it Big this year is that they’ve opened it for international contenders as well – In previous years it’s only been up for grabs by people residing in the Land of Oz.
I’m humbled to think that I even shared the same sewing teacher as the WINNER of last year’s awards – the amazingly talented JuliaBobbin – you can check out her winning entry here. In fact I think she’s in New York right now (or heading off there very soon) thanks to her winning ticket :) I’m even more stoked to notice that Emma Leonard – who drew the graphic image you see above as the banner for the awards, is a girl who I went to high school with. Whilst she wasn’t someone I was friends with, I love seeing people with who I grew up with succeed at doing what they love! She clearly is a very talented artist. 

Julia Bobbin’s 2011 winning Tessuti Awards entry

Would you consider entering? My only excuse is that I’m a fair bit larger than the standard size 10 that the dress has to be made to, so I would really struggle to make something to fit this requirement… 

…96 days to go…


  1. Oh wow, I've never heard of this before but I'm totally checking it out because I would really like to enter! Regardless of your size you should enter because you're talented! Who knows what kind of inspiration you might get!

  2. I am tempted, and ideas have been tinkling through my head, but then the horror of stepping into a competitive arena may be too much for me. I'm sure I'm not an Australian size 10 but would happily make something that I never get to wear for the interest of this project.

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