The First Annual SewcieTea!


What a wonderful afternoon we had today! My only gripe was that 2 hours felt like 15 minutes and was all over in the flash! We had 26 lovely ladies come along… so lets see some pictures!

Siobhan, Winifred, Tracy, Kathleen, Liz, Anna, Lara, Rachel and Leith
Deb, Judy, Emily, Paula, Jenny, Claire, Erin and Sasky
Kat, Sarah, Belinda, Julia, Mindy, Oanh, Rachel and Belle

Not only was there a delicious high tea to enjoy… but some seriously lovely sartorial creations, by both some well-known faces and many new ones too. In fact, there was almost an equal ‘civilian’ to blogger ratio! Plus quite a few bloggers I’d yet to meet whose pennings (and whose abilities with the english language are far beyond my own) I love to read – like Jenny and Emily.

Sewing Society in attendance – I would say in no particular order, but actually it was the order of RSVPing because that’s the order of my list ;)

Rachel from MyMessings
Kat from All the Whimsical Things
Belle from Bella’s Collectanea
Sarah from Sew Squirrel
Julia from Julia Bobbin
Rachel from Boo Dog and Me
Leith from Sew Brunswick
Oahn from Unique Schmuck
Anna from Blogless Anna
Jenny from Rennous Oh Glennous
Belinda from Turquoise Polkadots
Lara from Thornberry
Emily from This is Emily Kate
Liz from Busy Lizzy in Brissie
…and Me!


Tracy, Emily, Jenny and Belle
Belinda and Julia
Rachel, Kat, Liz and Rachel
Leith, Moi, Lara and Deb
Belle and I

It was so, so lovely to meet so many new people (apologies from TJ and Tricia who couldn’t make it) and have a good ol’ fashioned oogle some gorgeous frocks. 

Kat, all the way from NZ!

In spirit, we also have Kat from the Engineer’s Other Life – we went to uni together but these days she lives across the pond in New Zealand. And I think her Vogue 1159 is a great example of how the ‘right’ pattern can make you look amazing!! I’d totally wolf whistle you on here if I could, Kat!

There was even a little up-skirting… but only because we all love a tulle crinoline!


So… See you all again at the 2014 SewcieTea? ;)

And if you can’t wait that long, or were unable to make it this time around – we’re organising ‘Frocktails’ later in the year – lock September 7th in your diaries!




  1. Haha, love the up-skirting photo!!Thanks again for organising today- it's such a beautiful place. And so many people to meet in so little time! I don't think I even met half… I'll have to try harder next time :pBtw, your dress is even more amazing in person- absolutely stunning :)

  2. hehe ;) Thankyou! Was so lovely to meet you. And whilst we're talking dresses – I'm still blown away by your gorgeous red creation. Seriously, that is one AWESOME dress. I hope you blog about it soon so I can admire it again!

  3. It was just wonderful – thank you so much for organising, thank you so much for photographing, and thank you so much for putting us all in touch with one another! A delightful afternoon.

  4. I am so pleased your first Sewcie Tea was such a huge success. Everyone looked so beautiful in their special outfits. I am sure there was some serious fabric envy going on and I bet everyone will be going home dreaming up next years outfit. Congratulations on organising a very special afternoon. Maybe I should think about doing this in Brisbane.

  5. Ladies, you all are so lovely! Most of the photos looks like a movie set! Every time I read posts about meet-ups I want to organize one myself.

  6. Wow! I am so jealous! I wish I could have been there. I am flabergasted by all the amazing clothes all of you are making/wearing. This is really inspiring. Ooh, and I just HAD to say this: Julie's red sailor-collared dress is to DIE for!

  7. Wow! I am so jealous! I wish I could have been there. I am flabergasted by all the amazing clothes all of you are making/wearing. This is really inspiring. Ooh, and I just HAD to say this: Julie's red sailor-collared dress is to DIE for!

  8. Such an awesome afternoon! It was amazing finally being able to see people 'in the (fabric) flesh! I got to chat to so many wonderful ladies. Next year seems too far away!

  9. Wow all that planning really paid off…..this looked like an amazing event, the outfits are gorgeous, and the weather…so jealous!! Hope there was some GF for you!! Its so incredibly inspiring to see all that sewing talent….

  10. It was so nice to meet you Melanie, albeit too briefly! Thankyou so much for organising such a lovely afternoon, I met so many awesome ladies, it was over too soon! I can't wait for September and hope our paths cross again before then. Thanks for taking these gorgeous shots, I was too busy gabbing and gobbling to even take my camera out of my bag.Have a great week!

  11. The location was perfect! I would love some of those tasty nibbles again. Everyone looked perfect, and I'll definitely hope to be in for next year! :)

  12. Thanks Mel! I even wore the dress on Saturday night, and I was thinking about you guys yesterday afternoon :-) Love to see the dress round up here – just stunning, ladies!It's times like this when I forget why I never returned to Melbourne (oh yeah, because NZ provided me with a lovely man in return for surrendering my passport).

  13. Wow, such a great turn out and everyone lookes so fabulous! Oh and the cakes, yum yum yummy! I wish I could have jumped on a plane and joined you all. The venue looked perfect for all the beautiful dresses, your photos are amazing too :)

  14. Kudos to you Melanie – looks like you've organised one outstanding event. Well done for bringing together such a talented bunch of sewing aficionados.

  15. Woo awesome! That dress-do you actually press those pleats before wearing or just store it in a vacuum and keep your fingers crossed? Everyone's looking great but the ladies in red are my favs. XD

  16. You too Emily, there just wasn't enough time! I was aiming to at least get a decent chat with everyone there, and I didn't even get half way. poo! If you're up for a sewing session, I'd be more than happy to gatecrash in on you, Jenny and TJ :P Otherwise, see you in September!! :)

  17. hehe… actually the pleats are quite hard wearing! I do kinda mentally twinge before I sit down on them, but they've survived chocolate cake spillage, hot summer nights and a dry clean, and they still look good as new. Love 'em, actually. Yep, there's always something about a lady (s) is red!! ;-)

  18. A very belated thank you Melanie for the organisation of a fantastic afternoon (I really have to get more up-to-date with my blog reading). The opportunity to frock up is just to good to miss, and the added bonus of all the fabulous sewists to chat away with in sewing nerd speak, and champagne, AND cakes – blissful really.Thank you so much and looking forward to the next gathering.

  19. Fabulous to see the report and all the gorgeous sewists! Wish I could have been there so have already got my tickets to Melbourne booked for Frocktails in September.

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