Style Arc Joni Knit Pant

2018 is going down as the year I lost my sew-jo. Perhaps mostly because it got relegated to the back of the queue with everything else that’s been going on this year! We’ve moved out whilst our house gets done over, I started a job mobilising a large operations project, and well – all the usual family stuff like balancing the needs of a rambunctious 2yo, working full time and somehow also managing to talk to my hubby everynow and again.

But, I’ve had a few opportunities to sew uninterrupted lately, resulting in 2 finished things (both knits) and a silk blouse WIP… 

This is the Style Arc Joni Knit Track Pant pattern, made up in some See You At Six Dust Blue French Terry. There is two types here – a solid blue and one with a bizarre white screen print on it, plus matching ribbing. The matching ribbing is like catnip to my matchy matchy heart! All bought from Seamstress Fabrics

I used the screen print fabric for the front panel, and the plan for the back. The pattern has a long section of ribbing at the cuff, which shows off that matching ribbing delightfully. 

The piping is my own concoction, created with some white jersey knit (from Spotlight) with a very fine cord inside. The waistband is elastic inside the matchy-matchy ribbing again, with two button holes sewn to accommodate the thicker cord tie. 

Those buttonholes are interfaced with some knit iron-on interfacing… and some silk organza scraps. You can take the girl outta couture, but you can’t take couture outta the girl. 

The cord tie has been finished off with some of the matching thread twisted round and through the end, then teased out for a bit of fun. The pattern calls for you to stitch two lines around the waistband, which I presume keeps the cord in tact. I was feeling rusty and that felt like it needed to be incredibly precise to still look good, so I skipped it. 

Sewing those slanted pockets in place with the piping down that seam was quite the challenge. The other side of the pants doesn’t look as bangin’ as this side. ah well. 

I made a few changes, but being short on sewing time, didn’t make a muslin. I used a favourite but nearly dead pair of trackies to adjust the pattern based on the proportions of my soon-to-be-replaced track pants. 

This meant – epic leg shortening, shortening the rise height, adjusting the crotch curve with a flat-butt adjustment, and folding out the front pleats. I also omitted the back pockets. 

Ridiculously warm and comfy, and my biggest concern hasn’t yet eventuated after a lot of wear – that the bum would sag out! This french terry is lovely stuff. 



  1. well done , I am in a similar position without the 2 year old and my Sewjo has disappeared but I am enjoying finding clothes which I had forgotten about when I have been cleaning out cupboards etc fro our renovation which has been going on fro a year . but will soon be over .
    The trakies look great and soon enough that 2 year old will be causing you angst because he isn’t calling home very often so ENJOY the journey . It changes very rapidly . I enjoy reading your blog very much and look forward to hearing more of your sewing exploits , especially as you are a fellow Melbournian Happy renovations

    1. I’m glad you’ve found a positive in it all! I must admit I’m still struggling to get the balance I would really like (ie, more sewing time!). Hopefully once the reno is all done, and I have a sewing room – that I’ll be able to go back to stealing 15 minutes here and there, rather than just never unpacking my stuff because I’d only get such a short stint. Goodluck with finishing yours, Mem! Glad you like the joggers :)

  2. These are so cute with the piping detail! I must try that on joggers for myself. Bonus points for the matching ribbing… that’s a total dream for sewing knits! Hope the house reno goes smoothly!

  3. You’ve prioritised the right and important things this year. Sewing will always be there in ways you can grab it, like you’ve found. (Ooooh, I just thought of a small pick-up-put-down project you could do – making beaded belts :D). Sewing is a part of life, not just life. These pants are great…omg, points if you made the family matching sets!!!! Freak everyone else out at Christmas. Additional spare time will come. Or you’ll keep doing sewing vacays :D

    1. True, but you always want what you can’t have, huh? The thought of matching trackies for my tribe did definitely cross my thought horizon… I have enough fabric to do it with, too!! haha!
      Hopefully once the reno is all done – I’ll have a SEWING ROOM – which means grabbing 15 minutes of time with fabric and machines every now and again will be totally a thing. Bring it on!

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